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FIPSE: Faculty Profiles

The faculty participating in this plan has extensive experience in watershed analysis, hydrologeology, and environmental and water policy. The faculty is committed to the diversity visions of Cal State LA and the US Department of Education. Both of the faculty PIs have advised and mentored many minority students during their academic careers, involving most in experiential learning activities and in published research. Both faculty members have been involved in educational and curricular reforms in the geosciences and water resources.

Senior faculty member and PI, Barry Hibbs has worked with a number of graduate minority students, showing a progression of greater diversity in his lab. Of the 23 MS students completing theses and MS degrees under his direction, nine were Hispanic or Native American students and nine were female. Dr. Hibbs developed a MS Degree Option in Hydrogeology in 2003 in the Department of Geological Sciences. Many minority students have already completed their MS under this option. The degree option is open with adequate remedial classes 16 to all science and engineering graduates (see and Required classes within the Hydrogeology MS option include hydrogeology, watershed analysis, water quality seminar, and environmental and forensic geochemistry, as well as 5 elective classes. Dr. Hibbs now recruits minority students with BS degrees in geology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, and environmental science into the hydrogeology degree option. These students are able to tackle surface water and groundwater problems after completing the remedial makeup program.

Dr Ellis, a junior faculty member has mentored and is mentoring a number of students in hydrology and related fields of isotope geochemistry, environmental geology and the interactions of climate change and water resources. Though a faculty for only a few years, he already has a track record in recruiting and retaining students to water related sciences. He brings to the Cal State LA the experience working at another HSI - the University of Texas at El Paso. It became clear to him early on that students from the local minority community in the desert southwest will make a great contribution to sustaining our water resources, if a pathway can be provided for them. The number of students enrolling in his hydrogeology course grew from just 7 in the first year to the maximum capacity of 20 in four years. He is committed to helping the graduate program at Cal State LA grow and brings his expertise in developing innovative isotope tools and designing curriculum related to water resources and global climate. Dr. Ellis’ research and courses already incorporate sought after skills in computing and GIS.




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