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Andre Ellis - Environmental Isotope Geochemistry and Hydrogeology



  • Office La Kretz 158
  • 323-343-2411


    My area of research is within the broad fields of Environmental Science, Hydrogeology and Environmental Isotope Geochemistry. Specifically my research interests include biogeochemical cycling and isotope geochemistry of redox active elements and contaminants such as Cr, Se, and biogeochemical cycling of arsenic in contaminated regions including California, China and Mexcio. I also use isotopes as a tracers of geochemical process acting at or near the earths surface, in particular continental weathering and the impact of climate change.

    More recently I have been collaborating with the Center for Energy and Sustainability (CEaS) to study the impacts of geological sequestration of carbon dioxide and water quality issues in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

    Developing isotope geochemistry tools and proxies is an inherent part of my interests: especially in applications involving the fate and transport of redox-active contaminants and carbon cycling on geological time-scale

    **Graduate or Undergraduate students interested in working on any of the field or laboratory based projects below contact me at**(replace at with @)

    Current projects include:

    1) Environmental Impacts of Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
    Funded by the Center for Energy and Sustainability- CEaS (NSF-CREST)

    Water Quality in an elevated CO2 watershed: A field study in Mammoth Lakes, CA
    -> student Researchers: Rose Santilena, Samuel Raskin, Karina Hunt, Ngoc Luu, Jocelyn Luna and Kenisha Shipley
    -> Former Students: Caitlin Dwyer, Daphne Szutu and Heidi Nafiz
    -> High School Studens: Rosa, Anthony, Josue Campos and Tony Situ

    2) Cr stable isotope fractionation during oxidation and exchange reactions
    -> Former Students: David Wang, Swati Joshi, Jessica Roethe, Adriana Caire and Diana Fregoso
    -> Collaborator: Thomas Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    3) Evaluating calcium polysulfide as a chemical reduction treatment of groundwater that is heavily contaminated with hexavalent chromium - A site study in Los Angeles County
    -> Former Students: Christiane Ortega

    4) Weathering and carbon cycle: Alaskan Rivers
    -> Former Students: Shauna Head and Melissa Carney
    -> Collaborator: Jeff Langman, University of Waterloo

    5) Fate and Transport of Arsenic in Datong, China using redox tracers and isotopes of S, O, Cr, Se etc.
    Collaboratorsn with Xie Xianjun and Yanxin Wang (China University of Geosciences)

    6) Fate and transport of Cr using Cr stable isotopes (Laboratory experiments and a Field study in Mexico)
    Collaborators: Alejandro Villalobos-Aragon, Maria Aurora-Armienta

    7) Groundwater flow and transport in the El Paso region (Hueco and Mesilla Bolsons) and Southern High Plains
    Jeff Langman and Alfredo Ruiz