Lab Assignments

Lab 1

(30pts) Q1: Use a vector to solve the following problem. Read in an unspecified number of numbers. After reading all the values, display only the unique values that the user entered. That is to say, if a number is entered more than once, it should not be present in the output. All numbers should be individually validated at the time of submission. A number is valid if it is an integer. If a floating point value is entered, it should be ignored completely.

Sample Input:


Sample Output


To solve this problem you should implement a class named InputValue. For each valid number entered by the user, you should create an InputValue object and store it in a vector. This object should maintain a value and frequency. Thus, if a number is entered in more than once by the user you should not have two InputValue objects with the same value in your vector. Instead, your vector should contain one InputValue object for each unique value entered, and your program should use this InputValue object to keep track of the frequency of it's represented value.

NOTE: 10pts extra credit for displaying the output in ascending order.

(30pts) Q2: Solve the problem in homework 1 using vectors. Your program should no longer require ISBN numbers to be grouped together. Also, the input and output should be separated, not intertwined.

Due by January 26, 2010 - 8:30am

Lab 0

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Due by January 5, 2010 - 11:59pm


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