Lab Assignments

Lab 1

Throughout the quarter I may need to contact you regarding assignment updates, class meetings, and other important subject matter. To do so I will send out e-mails as well as post updates to our Class Website. To facilitate the e-mail contact you are required to submit a valid e-mail address to the Class Roster Website. This should be an e-mail address that you check regularly.

The Class Roster Website also allows you to specify whether you would like to be included in a distributed class roster. If so, you have the option of including your e-mail address and/or telephone number. Note that only the students who opt to include their information on the list will receive a copy of the course roster. Students who do not wish to include their information will not receive a copy. The copy will not be available for download via the Course Website. Instead, it will be distributed via e-mail. You are not required to participate in the class roster, but you are required to completely fill out the form. All fields are required unless otherwise specified.

We will use the Eclipse IDE for developing Web applications using Java as the core Web technology. Along with Eclipse, we will leverage the Apache Web Server to develop, test, and deploy Web apps locally. Thus, it is imperative that you setup your development environment as described here.

Once your development environment is setup properly you are to deploy a servlet and jsp page on the CS3 server. The servlet should display the text, "Hello Servlet" followed by your first and last name. The JSP page should display the text,"Hello JSTL" followed by your first and last name.

Upon completion of your assignment you are to upload all .java, .jsp, .xml, and .html files to the CSNS Website. You will not receive any credit for your assignment if you do not upload your files to CSNS. Also, be sure to include an HTML file linking directly to your servlet and jsp pages. The HTML file should be named Assignments.html.

If you have not already done so, you must register on the Computer Science Network Services (CSNS) Website. Every assignment, including a portion of your midterms and final will be submitted online using this system.

You will need a FTP program to deploy your Web applications to the CS3 server. If you do not already have a FTP program you can download a free client here (PC) or here (Mac).


(10 pts) - Class Roster
(10 pts) - Working Welcome Servlet on CS3 server
(10 pts) - Welcome Java Server Page (JSP) on CS3 server

March 29, 2010 - 6:00PM


NOTE Announcements regarding lab assignments will appear here.