Lecture Notes


The following is the list of dates that you are expected to take notes and submit them for a grade. All notes must be submitted NO LATER than twenty-four (24) hours after the lecture/lab has completed.

6-Jul Batres JR.,Edwin Oswaldo Tsu,Kimberly Nicole Samoy,Dashiell
8-Jul Cardenas,Christina I Tuy,Sina Chan Tang,Thomas Larry
13-Jul Garcia,Victor Agustin Batres JR.,Edwin Oswaldo
15-Jul Gonzalez,Humberto Cardenas,Christina I
20-Jul Hansack,David Garcia,Victor Agustin
27-Jul Jones,Timothy Donald Gonzalez,Humberto
29-Jul Lara,Camerina Hansack,David
5-Aug Liu,Joshua Zu Jones,Timothy Donald
7-Aug Long,Jared Brenton Lara,Camerina
10-Aug Monterroso,Estuardo J Liu,Joshua Zu
12-Aug Mukhopadhyay,Navanita Long,Jared Brenton
17-Aug Murillo,Juan Emiliano Monterroso,Estuardo J
19-Aug Rice,Zebanya Holladay Mukhopadhyay,Navanita
24-Aug Samoy,Dashiell Murillo,Juan Emiliano Tsu,Kimberly Nicole
26-Aug Tang,Thomas Larry Rice,Zebanya Holladay Tuy,Sina Chan


Posted June 22, 2009, Updated July 6, 2009


Note: Important announcements regarding lecture notes will appear here.