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I am a professor specializing in film and video production in the Department of Television, Film and Media Studies. I have been a university professor for the last 37 years. I have been on the faculty here since 1981, with two years leave (82-84) to work as Program Director in charge of the Video Center at The American Film Institute . Prior to joining the faculty at CSLA I taught at Temple University in Philadelphia, West Virginia State College and California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. As a director, producer and/or writer I have made more than 300 films and video tapes in the last 48 years.


During my career I have taught a wide range of film and video production and studies classes at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. I enjoy teaching film and video production in a variety of creative environments.

I seek out unique learning situations at every opportunity and for the past 26 years I have been involved with the CSU Summer Arts program , first at Cal Poly SLO (86-87), then at Humboldt State (88-95), Cal State Long Beach (96-98) and Fresno State (2005). At Summer Arts we were able to create a one-of-a-kind high intensity hands-on workshop for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in professional 35mm motion picture production techniques. This groundbreaking program has attracted the sponsorship of major entertainment industry companies like Kodak, Fuji, Panavision, Sony, Warner Bros., Avid, Mole Richardson, Kino Flo, Chapman and Fotokem. 

I integrate my production with my teaching. My crews are almost always made up of at least 80% students and former students. In this way I provide my advanced students with real world opportunities while at the same time giving them an opportunity to begin networking with professionals and former students already working in the field. 


Film is the most collaborative art form and requires the coordinated efforts of writers, cinematographers, directors, performers and others. My film and video works include substantial collaborative work with artists from theater, music and dance. I have created music video and dance works with artists like Bobby McFerrin and choreographer Peter Pucci. I have been fortunate to have worked with some wonderful artists including Edward James Olmos, John Wesley Harding, Kristin Hersh, LaVar Burton and Vilmos Zsigmond.

During the last four decades a significant portion of my work has been documentaries and music videos.  The music videos allow me to set aesthetic challenges for myself while engaging in interesting collaborations. I love to use color and visual texture as a lens on the quality of performance and a use of dreamlike spaces.

Through the documentaries I can explore things of interest to me (usually socio-political issues, education, human rights, healthcare, the arts or developments in film and video production),  In addition to my other projects I have created public service campaigns promoting education, human rights and health

A Representative Selection of Recent Production Activities



Date Productions
I Built It Green! (documentary & spots) State of California, Office of the Governor
I Built It! (documentary & spots) California Department of Industrial Relations & Office of the Governor
Disaster Assistance (spot campaign) FEMA, Homeland Security & The Governor's Office of Emergency Services
2006 Tradition, Place, Promise and Purpose (PSA campaign) The Division of Extended Education at California State University, Los Angeles

2002 Living a Legacy of Excellence: The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University, Los Angeles (documentary)
Award Reel, created and screened as part of a ceremony honoring my career at the statewide CSU Media Arts Festival. Clips include examples of series work, PBS documentaries, educational projects, spots and music videos.
2001 Commercial and Residential Roofing Safety (two documentaries) CalOSHA, California Department of Industrial Relations. Narrated by Edward James Olmos.
2000 CalOSHA Consultation (documentary) California Department of Industrial Relations. Narrated by Edward James Olmos.
1999 Apprenticeships: California's Best Kept Secret (documentary) California Department of Industrial Relations. Narrated by Edward James Olmos.
1998 TIPP (documentary) California Department of Industrial Relations. Narrated by Edward James Olmos.
1997 Computer Illusions (documentary) The Learning Channel and more than 20 international broadcast networks
1997 Tomorrow's Education Today (documentary) Video Cassette, CSU Institute/CEU
1996 Cupid and Pycho (music video) John Wesley Harding, Rhino Records
1995 Good Things (music video) BoDeans , Warner Bros.
1994 Beestung (music video) Kristin Hersch, Warner Bros.
1994 One (music video) BiGod20, Warner Bros.
1994 G.O.T.V. (documentary) The California Democratic Party
1993 Summer Single (music video) John Wesley Harding, Warner Bros.
1993 The Truth (music video) John Wesley Harding, Warner Bros.
1993 Sing (Dance Video) Peter Pucci, Choreographer
1992 Computer Visions (documentary) PBS, Laser Disc, Video Cassette
1992 Kill The Messenger (music video) John Wesley Harding, Warner Bros.
1991 The World (music video) John Wesley Harding, Warner Bros.
1990 Scared of Guns (music video) John Wesley Harding, Warner Bros.
1989 Let The Bells Ring (music video) 7A3, Geffen Records.
1988 Computer Dreams (documentary) PBS, Laser Disc, Video Cassette
1987 Opportunity (music video) Bobby McFerrin, Capitol/EMI

Educational Background

M.F.A. Television 1975, California College of Arts and Crafts (renamed California College of the Arts) , Oakland;
B.A.with Honors and Distinction in Art Studio/Filmmaking 1973, Sonoma State , Rohnert Park, CA;

Spring 2014 Schedule

Course Sect. No. Title Units Day & Time Room
TVF 430
01, 02, 03
Documentary Field Production
Friday (Lab 1) 10:00-Noon, (Lec) 12:15-1:45 (Lab 2) 2:00-4:00 PM MUS 255
TVFT 531b
Graduate Motion Picture Post-Production
Wednesday Seminar 11:40-3:30 PM TVFM 210, Conference Room
TVFT 522 01 Graduate Single Camera Directing and Producing 4.0
Wednesday Seminar 6:10-10:00 PM TVFM 115,
Sound Stage

Office Hours

Wednesday: 4:00-6:00 PM

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