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Fashion Styling Program

Legal StudiesSummary Description:

The study of fashion styling enlarges the student’s visual imagination in order to produce striking visual images of the kind seen on magazine covers, in print advertising, in catalogues, and on movie posters. The professional “fashion stylist” is responsible for the creative decision-making that goes into styling and accessorizing the clothing and sets of television shows, video and movie productions, and other visual media.

The fashion stylist collaborates with, and often coordinates the efforts of a team of creative professionals that includes a make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, and director/producer. The responsibilities of the fashion stylist may range from viewing and developing a preliminary plan for a set/space, or a design for the clothing and “look” of the actors or models who will be filmed, through shopping for and preparing clothing, accessories and merchandise for the shoot, to working with the photographers and lighting specialists, directors, as well as the models, actors, and extras who will create the final image.

A fashion stylist is a well-compensated professional within the burgeoning explosive industry of visual media. Paid by the day of a “job,” stylists typically make some $500 to $850 per day; while top industry stylists may command as much as $6000 per day. Further, the fashion stylist wields exceptional influence over fashion trends and ideas of beauty.

Program Coordinator:

Crystal Wright , is a self-help author, educator, motivational speaker and advisor to makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists. Having represented professional fashion stylists, makeup and hair designers for 24 years, she is an internationally recognized expert on the subject of career building and marketing for fashion and beauty professionals and regularly appears as a guest speaker and educator at fashion and beauty trade shows, schools, online and radio talk shows, and as a guest on television interviews. For information on course content, please contact Ms. Wright

Advisement and Information

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Alice M. Gutierrez at (323) 343-4916 or agutier@cslanet.

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