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Housing and Transportation

There are 4 types of places to live: Dormitory on Campus, Homestay, Apartment, Extended-Stay Hotel.

How to Apply for the Dormitory on Campus
Dorm rooms are very limited, so you must apply early!

  • Go to this website:

  • Click on ELP (English Language Program) links and read the material for the quarter you want.  The links for ELP are at the bottom of the Housing Services website.

  • Download and Print (you can type on the screen before you print) 1) Housing Services ELP Application; 2) Housing Services ELP License Agreement; 3) Payment Schedule 4) Meal Plan (optional if you want meals included – if not, then dormitory apartments have kitchens for your use)

  • Fill out the Application Form and the License AgreementWRITE YOUR ELP ID NUMBER ON THE FORM.  MAKE SURE YOU SIGN ALL OF THESE FORMS!!!

  • Attach your Check or International Money Order for the Room Rental + Fees + Meal Plan (if you want the meal plan). The Payment Schedule is at Go to the bottom of the Housing Services website to see the ELP links.  Make sure you send the total amount due.  Please send a separate Check or Money Order for each student.  DO NOT USE THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT METHOD! DO NOT SUBMIT ONLINE!

  • Mail the Housing Services ELP Application, Housing Services ELP License Agreement, and Payment to:

    Cal State L.A. Housing Services
         5300 Paseo Rancho Castilla
                     Los Angeles, California  90032  USA

  • Wait about 3 weeks.  Then, you should call them to check on your application at telephone +1 323 343 4800.  This is very important if the academic quarter will begin soon.

  • Housing Services will send you a letter (but if you applied late, you need to call them).  The letter will tell you the result of your application.  Two results are possible: A) You got a room! Good! OR B) You didn’t get a room and you are now on the Waitlist. This could be a big problem for you!

  • You will get a message from Housing Services if you are approved for a room.

  • If you did not get a room and are on the Waitlist – you should look for another housing plan immediately.  Don’t wait – make another plan immediately – homestay, apartment, or hotel.

How to Apply for Homestay
If you want to live with an area family, you should try to live in the EL Sereno neighborhood of Los Angeles or in the nearby cities of Alhambra, South Pasadena, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Arcadia, or Monterey Park – these are nice cities and fairly close to campus. They also have a lot of buses for you to ride to school. There are several options available:

StudentLink International:
Contact StudentLink by email at or go to their website at and follow the instructions to apply online. When you fill in the application, be sure to choose “Cal State LA” for “College You'll Attend.”

Homestay Services International:
Contact Mr. Jae Hopkins, Director by email at, by telephone at +1 619 461 4764, or by fax at +1 619 670 3397. Alternatively, you can go to the website at, read the website and follow the instructions to download the application or apply online.

How to Apply for an Apartment
  • Most apartments in our area are not advertised on the Internet.  Students find apartments by looking in the local papers or driving around the area and looking for signs in front of houses and apartment buildings.
  • Go to these websites and search in the cities of Alhambra, South Pasadena, Pasadena, San Gabriel, Arcadia, or Monterey Park.  If you find an apartment you like, tell them you are an international student and cannot get a Social Security Number.  Ask them if you can make special payment arrangements without a “credit check”.

Extended-Stay Hotels: Daily and Weekly Rates
  • Extended Stay America, Los Angeles – Arcadia.  Website: Address: 401 East Santa Clara Street Arcadia, California  91006  USA.  Telephone: +1 626 446 6422.  Fax: +1 626 446 6533.  Email:
  • Residence Inn Pasadena Arcadia (by Marriott Hotels)  Address: 321 East Huntington Drive Arcadia, California  91006 USA.  Telephone: +1 626 446 6500.  Fax: +1 626 446 5824

Transportation from the airport cannot be arranged by the ELP, but contact the following sources for airport transportation: for taxis, search or /; and for shuttles, see; or

The English Language Program
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Regular Office Hours:

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