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  1. What is Extended Studies?
  2. Extended Studies exists to extend the reach of university classes and non-degree training opportunities to students not presently a part of the university community.  We do this by offering flexible registration, convenient scheduling, and innovative, non-traditional delivery of academic and professional development programs.  We presently offer programs extending to international students, extending beyond our campus buildings through online classes, extending into our local communities through academic certificate and degree programs, extending into the workplace through professional training, and preparing students to extend their own education or professional standing through test preparation.  Finally, our open university registration process affords non-matriculated students the opportunity of taking regular university classes, virtually opening the university catalogue to eligible students.   While our reach is broad, our focus is to promote lifelong learning to enhance our students’ lives – both professionally and personally. 

  3. How do I find out about your course offering?
  4. Visit our website at for a complete listing of courses, programs and entrance requirements. Of course, you may always call us on (323) 343-4900 for additional information.

  5. How do I register for courses and programs?
  6. You can register in-person at Cal State L.A.  We are located in the University-Student Union, 1st floor, Room 105.  The University is located at the juncture of the 10 and 710 Freeways in eastern Los Angeles (click here for map). You may also register for most classes over the phone on (323) 343-4900.
    For Open University, you may download the registration form here.

  7. How much do your courses and programs cost?
  8. The cost varies depending on the courses and programs.  See our online catalog here or call us on (323) 343-4900 for pricing information.

  9. Do you provide financial aid?
  10. At present, we do not provide financial assistance to offset the cost for taking our classes and programs.  However, there are many agencies and organizations which provide grants to students for attending school in the College of Extended Education.  For example, visit the California Department of Rehabilitation and the California Employment Development Department.
    Many high street banks, such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America, also underwrite student loans.  Call them directly for more information. For a fuller discussion of Financial Aid click here.

  11. Do you serve international students?
  12. Yes, we do!  We have an intensive English language training program called the English Language Program (ELP).  Click here to learn more about ELP. We do have an immigration officer on premise to assist with Visa and I-20 requirements.  Call us on (323) 343-4840 for more information.

    We also customize programs for international students.  Call the ELP Director at (323) 343-4847 for additional details.

  13. Who are your instructors?
  14. Because the Extended Studies and International Programs (CESIP) is an integral unit of the University, we vet our instructors thoroughly for subject matter expertise and teaching experience. Many instructors are regular Cal State L.A. professors.  Others are top-notched professionals in their respective fields, including practicing senior attorneys, CPAs and CFPs.

    All of our English Language Program instructors have M.A. degrees or higher.

  15. What are your hours of operation?
  16. The CESIP Welcome Center, in the University-Student Union Building is open Monday to Thursday 8 am to 6pm and Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We are open on selected Saturdays.  Call us on (323) 343-4900 for details.

    Because we cater to working professionals, all of our classes – except for those affiliated with the English Language Program – are held in the evening or on the weekend.  Call us on the number above for details.

  17. How much do courses cost?
  18. Prices vary. Please see individual course listings.

  19. Fees
  20. To prevent course cancellation and to avoid late fees, consider pre-registering. Pay with a check or VISA or MasterCard. Remember, a $25 late fee applies after the first class meeting.

  21. Will you notify me if a class is canceled?
  22. We will do our best to notify you, but it is your responsibility to contact the CESIP office at (323) 343-4900, 24 hours before the start of class to confirm its status. If a class is canceled, you will receive a 100% refund. You won't be transferred to another class or section without your approval.

  23. I haven't received my payment confirmation. Am I in class?
  24. If you don't receive your payment confirmation by the first class meeting, attend the class and sign the roster. Better yet, call the CESIP office at (323) 343-4900, 24 hours before the first class meeting to verify your enrollment.

  25. Do I have to meet course prerequisites for credit classes?
  26. Yes. See the course descriptions.

  27. How can I tell if the course I take is transferable to my degree?
  28. You may apply up to 36 quarter units of Open University and Extension classes toward a bachelor's degree and 13 pre-approved credits toward a master's degree or credential. Check with your major department for details.

  29. How do I withdraw from a course and get a refund?
  30. Submit withdrawals from courses in Non-Credit, ELP, or Professional Development in writing to the College of the CESIP office. Submit withdrawals from credit courses on a DROP form with required signatures and/or stamps to Enrollment Services at Administration Room 146. After the drop form is submitted, go to the Extended Education office and fill out a refund request form. Refunds are based on the postmark date or the CESIP date-stamp of the request.

    The refund policy is as follows:

    • Canceled Classes: You will receive an automatic full refund. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for processing.

    • Extension Non-Credit (including those with CEUs), ELP and Professional Development Classes: You will receive a refund minus a $10 processing fee if you request the refund prior to the first day of class. No refund will be given after a course begins.

    • Extension Credit Classes (4 class meetings or less): You will receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee if you request the refund prior to the first class meeting. No refund will be given after a class begins.

    • Extension Credit Classes (5 meetings or more): You will receive a full refund minus a $10 processing fee if you request the refund prior to the first day of class and a 65% refund until 25% of the course time has elapsed. No refund will be given after that.

    • Online Classes: Once you have accessed the course using your User ID, you are not eligible for a refund.

    • For Open University refund policy,click here

  31. What happens if I don't officially withdraw from a credit course?
  32. You are charged the class fee and receive a grade of "F" on your transcript.

  33. What is the difference between quarter units and semester units?
  34. California State University, Los Angeles awards quarter units. One quarter unit is equivalent to two-thirds (0.67) semester units.

  35. What is the course numbering system for credit courses?

    • 100-299 are lower division courses for freshmen and sophomores.

    • 300-399 are upper division courses for juniors and seniors.

    • 400-499 are upper division courses for juniors and seniors which may, upon approval, give graduate credit.

    • 500-599 are graduate courses for graduate students only.

    • 700-899 are professional advancement credit courses and are not acceptable toward a degree or teaching credential.


  36. What are CEUs (Continuing Education Units)?
  37. CEUs are nationally recognized measurements of non-credit education. One CEU represents 10 contact hours of participation in a formal classroom. CEUs may be used to meet license renewal requirements. Check with your licensing agency for details.

  38. How will I receive credit for my extension classes?
  39. We will mail you a grade card and record the credit you earn on your official transcript.

  40. How can I get a copy of my transcript for my credit classes?
  41. You can request your transcript from:
    Records Office
    California State University, Los Angeles
    5151 State University Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90032

    1. Fill out the Transcript Order Form completely.

    2. On the right hand side, be sure to check mark the "Continuing Education" box so that your classes taken through Extended Studies will be picked up.

    3. Include your name while in attendance, birth date, and social security number.

    4. Include a check for $4 for the first transcript and $2 for each additional transcript.

    5. You may also visit the Records Office at Administration Building 409 or contact them at (323) 343-3840.


  42. What if I have more questions?
  43. Call Student Services at (323) 343-4900 or contact one of the coordinators.


Regular Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

(323) 343-4900

5151 State University Drive . Los Angeles . CA 90032 . (323) 343-3000
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