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Three-Summer Master of Music in Choral Conducting (MMCC)


MMCC summer 2014 Registration  FORMS


More extensive information about classes is provided in the MMCC infopak which is supplied to newly admitted and continuing students.


Form links



Year 1

Year 1 main slate form


UNIV 400 Open U form *



Year 2

Year 2 main slate form



Year 3

Year 3 main slate form


MMCC MUS 596 Open U form *


-*Open U:3 special classes taken by MMCC students do not use the regular CESIP reg form, but rather a MMCC-customized version of the CESIP 'Open University' form. UNIV 400 (see Year 1) ; MUS 596 (see Year 3) and MUS 900. Open U has special requirements (permits, signatures, memos) which vary per course.
- For UNIV 400 & MUS 596:
- Course-specific instructions re permits and memos appear on the MMCC-customized Open U form.
- Transact after your arrival on campus but by Friday of Week 1 of term (6/27/2014) to ensure enrollment.
- MUS 900 is for submission of project/thesis for students otherwise un-enrolled and who previously took MUS 599. It is typically used in quarters other than Summer. It requires permits & memo per the MUS 596 model. -Deviations from the standard grid:
- If you fit a year above but are also adding another class, transact it separately on a regular CESIP reg form.
- If you fit a year above except that you are not doing a certain class, email the coordinator (Piers) to create a new form.
- If you don't fit any year and have some special subset of classes, email the coordinator (Piers) to create a form.

-Reg forms and finance docs:
- For classes financed by Financial Aid or loans, a single form is best; separate forms are OK if presented together.


MMCC (Master of Music in Choral Conducting)

Academic: Director Sebastien Vallee - (323) 343-4068
Admin: Coordinator Piers Armstrong - (323) 343-4917

Summer Choral Festival - registration for this week long event is also open to non MMCC students for a fee of $295 paid online via Cashnet at this link

MMCC program brochure

2014 class schedule

2014 Summer Reg Forms