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Type of Courses

The following categories often overlap. If you're looking for a specific course, you may have to search through several groupings.

ELP / ESL / Internationalis

ELP / ESL / Internationalis an intensive English language program primarily for three types of students: college-bound non-English speakers, professionals whose first language is not English, and recent immigrants new to English. Courses include conversation, reading writing, listening, grammar, and pronunciation.

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are clusters of six or seven courses that offer specialized study in over 30 career fields. They are intended primarily for people who want to change jobs or stay current in a subject or obtain formal education in a specific subject.

Online Courses

Online Courses give you a chance to study at your computer. No traffic hassles, no parking problems, no lines to stand in. You work and learn at your own pace. Online courses cover various subjects, including business, management, computers, and mathematics. You must have access to a modern computer, an up-to-date version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, and an Internet connection.

Open University

Open University permits members of the public to take regular university courses without going through the formal admission process. Courses are offered on a space available basis. Open University helps you update your professional skills, explore a personal interest, earn a job promotion, embark on a new career, or sample a new curriculum.

Professional Development

Professional Development offers training to busy workers who need new job skills but have little time to get them. Courses range from project management to business communications to real estate to accounting and tax. They may be offered on campus or at your company's training site.

Test Preparation

Test Preparation prepares you for the most recent versions of standardized examinations like the GMAT or LSAT. Courses generally run three to four consecutive Saturdays or Sundays. They familiarize you with subject types and give you important insights into testing.


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