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Permanent Resident Sponsor

California State University, Los Angeles will sponsor a full time permanent position if there is no eligible U.S. worker who qualifies for the position, and the position is essential to the University mission.

The position being sponsored must meet specific criterion as listed by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of Labor. If the position fails to meet such criterion, the position is ineligible to sponsor a non-resident employee for permanent residence.

Tenure-track faculty members should make the request for CSULA sponsorship no later than 6 months after starting employment, or 12 months after the date of the appointment, whichever is later.

For any university department to sponsor an individual for permanent residency, the following criteria must be met:

To request CSULA sponsorship of a non-resident employee for permanent resident, the supervisor of the position should write a letter addressed to the Provost as instructed in the support letter guidelines. The letter should be signed by the Department Chair and College Dean, and then forwarded to Jenny Faust in Faculty Affairs for review.

The following documents must be submitted to Dr. Wang at the International Office:
Once the sponsor letter with the Provost’s signature is received by the International Office, Dr. Wang will notify the employee and work with employee’s attorney to process the Labor Certification for Department of Labor and immigration documents for Department of Homeland Security.

Due to limited staff resources at this time, all permanent resident petitions are being processed by outside immigration attorneys. It is CSULA policy that the employee is responsible for all fees associated with the permanent resident process, including all filing fees and attorney fees.

Departments should not sign any documents relating to the permanent resident petition without consulting with Amy Wang at the International Office. She may be reached at (323)-343-3173 or e-mail Amy Wang.

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Last Update: 02/24/2011