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Academic Training

Unpaid academic training may be taken at any time during your studies but must be recommended by your faculty advisor and approved by IPS.

Paid academic training may be taken:

  1. during your annual vacation (eg. Summer )if you are eligible and intend to register for the next term;
  2. after completion of all course requirements if you are working on your thesis or dissertation; or
  3. upon graduation, but it may not start more than 30 days after.

Time limitations:

  1. Undergraduate, Masters and pre-doctoral training: no more than 18 months, or the duration of the program, whichever is less. For example: an MBA student, 2-year program, would be eligible for 18 months; but an LLM student, 1-year program, would qualify for a 9-month period only.

Procedure to obtain authorization to engage in academic training

Obtain a letter from your academic advisor, on University letterhead (sample letter):

  1. The goals and objectives of the specific training, including completion of degree date;
  2. A description of the training including: location, name and address of the training supervisor, number of hours per week, and dates of the training;
  3. How the training relates to your major field of studies; and
  4. Why it is an integral or critical part of your academic program.

Schedule an appoinment with Amy Wang at IPS. Bring your DS-2019, I-94, and faculty advisor's letter. She will review the advisor's letter and, if in conformity with the regulations, will prepare the required written authorization. If necessary, you will be instructed on procedures to apply for an extension of your stay in the U.S.

Please allow 10 working days to process your application.

If requested, IPS will mail the authorization to you. Otherwise, you may pick it up after 10 working days.

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