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Pre-Departure Resources

This information is designed to provide resources to outbound Cal State L.A. students in a study abroad or travel abroad program.  This is not an exhaustive list of available resources, but a collection of important information for students who plan to travel abroad to be aware of.  Being prepared is not limited to just academics and finances, but also staying healthy and safe. 

Students participating in a Cal State L.A. sponsored program must participate in the pre-departure orientation.  Students participating in a non-Cal State L.A. program are encouraged to attend.  Orientation information contains information for students about health and safety issues related to international travel.  Adherence to this information, along with adopting appropriate behavior for the host culture and using caution and common sense abroad, can prevent many emergency situations.

Cal State L.A. cannot guarantee student safety or eliminate all risks associated with a study abroad program.  Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Students are encouraged to conduct themselves in a prudent manner, pay particular attention to local conditions, and assume responsibility for the consequences of personal decisions and actions.

Travel Alerts/Warnings
U.S. Department of State:,

Health and Safety
Center for Disease Control and Prevention:,
International Society of Travel Medicine:
World Health Organization:
SAFETI Clearinghouse:

Study Abroad Student Handbook
For more information on planning and preparing for your study/travel abroad program, visit the Center for Global Education-Study Abroad Student Handbook at

Other Resources
PLATO-online course and resources for pre-departure and re-entry

Emergency Planning
Emergency planning is an essential component to a safe and healthy time abroad.  One can never really prepare for an emergency, but one can plan to have steps and information available in case of an emergency.  Do you know where the nearest hospital or police station is?  Do you know the important terms needed to communicate an emergency?

For tips in creating your emergency plans, visit the Center for Global Education Student Abroad Student Handbook at

CSU Executive Order 1081 requires all Cal State L.A. students, preparing to study abroad, submit poof of the following: completed an online orientation, a Release of Liability, pre-departure academic advisement paperwork, demonstrate that they have health insurance valid in their host country and provide basic personal data including emergency contact prior to departure. If you are in need of advisement, please call the International Office at 323-343-3170 to schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor.

Outbound Study Abroad Online Orientation


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