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Name Integrity

Data systems used by U.S. government, including Department of Homeland Security depend on the consistent spelling of names, accurate dates, country of birth, and country of citizenship. Name submissions must be consistent on all official travel documents (passport, Form I-20 or DS-2019, and Form I-94). The earliest official document sets the standard. This is typically the passport issued by your country of citizenship.

If you only have one name, the name should be entered in the field for First and Last Name.

Spacing is as important as spelling and must be consistent. Hyphens and capitalization must also be consistent.

Please note that, if you have a number of records where spelling of the name is inconsistent, government officials are more likely to interpret this as a deliberate attempt at misrepresentation.

The date of birth is an especially critical data element. The U.S. standard for dates is mm/dd/yyyy. It is your responsibility to check your travel and admission forms when they are issued to ensure accuracy. Correcting mistakes on the spot is quicker and cheaper than delaying, and it prevents confusion.

As an example, Social Security Administration identifies Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record, discrepancies as the primary reason for delays issuing Social Security numbers to nonimmigrants.

CONSISTENCY is the key.


















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