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EXTRAMURAL GRANTS (arranged by source)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington DC

* Faculty Development Institute, 1999. Received $296,000 to train 27 Egyptian professors of early childhood education at CSLA. The project was subcontracted through the Institute for International Education.

* American-Egyptian Master Teacher Exchange Program (AEMTEP), 2000-2003. Received $4.6 million. This 3-year project entails sending groups of American teachers to Egypt and bringing Egyptian teachers to the US to improve the quality of instruction in math, science, social studies, and language arts in rural Egyptian schools. This project is subcontracted through the Institute for International Education.

Fulbright Binational Commission, Cairo, Egypt

* Teacher Training Initiative, 1995. Received $224,000 to design and manage a 7-week teacher-training institute for 35 Egyptian teachers of English at CSLA. TTI is sponsored by US Agency for International Development.
* Teacher Training Initiative, 1996. Received $324,000 to design and manage an 11-week teacher-training institute for 25 Egyptian teachers of English at CSLA. TTI is sponsored by US Agency for International Development.

US Department of Education

* Served as Research Associate in the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR), 1985-89. This project involved in implementation and evaluation of elementary level bilingual immersion program.

* Administered the Educational Opportunities Center at UCLA, funded by the US Department of Education, 1983-1984. Received $800,000 over two years for a community outreach program to increase college-going rates among economically-disadvantaged minorities in L.A. County.

* Administered the Upward Bound Program at UCLA, 1983-1985. Received $480,000 from US Department of Education-to fund an intensive high school tutorial program to assist Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans gain entry to 4-year colleges and universities.

* Named Research Fellow by US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Research and Improvement, 1991-1992. Received $36,000 to investigate participatory approach to parent literacy instruction and to develop a training manual for dissemination of findings. Project Title: An Investigation of a Parent Literacy Program as a Vehicle for Parent Involvement in the Schools.

Sloan Foundation

* Received joint funding from Council of Graduate Studies/Sloan Foundation to develop 3 Professional Science Master’s degree programs (forensic science, environmental science, and neuroscience), 2001-2002. Received $7,500. Curriculum proposals were developed in all 3 areas, currently under review on the campus.

* Received flow-through funding through a sub-contract from SDSU (prime awardee) of funds received from the Sloan Foundation to develop a statewide approach through the CSU system to promote the development of the Professional Science Master’s programs. Served as PI for Cal State L.A., 2004.

National Foreign Language Center

* Co-Principal Investigator for a National Foreign Language Center (NFLC) grant, 1987-1989. Received $20,000 to prepare a national policy statement on higher-level language skills and to develop a set of recommendations for NFLC research activities in the area of foreign language education.

California State Department of Education

* Co-Principal Investigator for the Foreign Language Technology in the Curriculum Project funded by the State Department of Education, 1986-1987. Received $250,000 to review all existing computer and video software appropriate for use in K-12 foreign language classrooms. Comprehensive resource guide published in 1987.

Office of the President, University of California System

* Co-Principal Investigator on a UC Linguistic Minority Project grant, 1986. Received $8,000 to design and develop a training program in the integration of content and language instruction for linguistic minority students.
* Co-Principal Investigator for a Linguistic Minority Project grant, 1984-1985. Received $7,000 to study factors related to college persistence among L.A. Chicano youths.
* Co-Principal Investigator on a Linguistic Minority Project grant, 1987-1988. Received $5,000 to produce a proceedings publication for a Systemwide annual meeting of the Linguistic Minority Project held at UCLA in 1987.

California State University, Los Angeles

* Principal Investigator for Program for Academic Partnerships to Promote International Scholarship (PAPPIS), 2003-present. Funded by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research with USAID funds originally budgeted for the fixed-price contract for the AEMTEP Project. Received $244,000 to develop opportunities for collaborations with universities abroad.

* Affirmative Action Faculty Development Program, 1990-91. Received 8 units of released time (about $8,000). Project Title: Minority Parent Involvement in the Schools.
* Creative Leave Award, 1993. Received one quarter’s leave to pursue a writing project. Winter 1993.
* Innovative Instruction Award, 1994. Received $5,000 to develop a new course in the use of computers in the second language classroom (TESL 565).
* University-wide Lottery Grant, 1995-1996. Received $107,000 to develop a new ESL curriculum for matriculated ESL students at CSLA.

Educational Services Group, Inc.

* TESOL Program for Chinese Professionals, 1994. Received $2,507 to provide a 2½-day training program for visiting educators from Shanghai, People’s Republic of China in August 2004.