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Physics Organizations
|The Americal Institure of Physics (AIP)
|The American Physical Society (APS)
|The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

Physics, Engineering & Mathematics Departments
|Web Sites - Links to departments and institutions within/outside the U.S.
(Waubonsee Community College compilation)

Technical Data and Other Information:
|Physical Constants
|The Periodic Table 
|Atomic Mass Data
|Table of Nuclides
|Review of Particle Physics from LBL
|SPIRES Library Database from SLAC
|E-print Archive from Los Alamos
|CERN Preprint Service

Physics/Astronomy/Science Literature:
|Science Direct Journal Database (CSULA NIS userid/password necessary)
|Physics Today Journal
|Nature Journal
|Sky and Telescope Magazine
|Scientific American Magazine

Other Related Sites:
Physics Internet Resources
|High Energy Physics Websites
|Yahoo Physics Index (websites)
|Nobel Laureates in Physics
|NASA's Galileo probe
|Pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope
|U. S. Geological Survey Earthquake site

Neighboring University Web Sites:
|Cal State Dominguez Hills
|Cal State Fullerton
|Cal State Long Beach
|Cal State Northridge
|Cal Poly Pomona

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