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Graduate Courses in Physics
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All 400-level courses may be applied toward master's degree requirements except the following, subject to limits established by the department and approval of the graduate adviser:  PHYS 410AB , 425AB , 426AB , 427 , 432AB , 470 , 497 , 499 .
Classified graduate standing is required for admission.
PHYS 510AB Mathematical Methods of Physics  (4, 4)
Prerequisites:  PHYS 410AB , 425A , 426A .  Intended for beginning graduate students.  Problem-solving using techniques current in theoretical physics.  Series, integration, complex variables, integral transforms, matrices, eigenvalues, special functions, integral equations, numerical methods, probability and tensors. 
PHYS 512AB Modern Physics  (4, 4)
Prerequisites:  PHYS 425A, 426A .
PHYS 512A:  Hydrogen atom, atomic spectroscopy, electron shell structure, molecular binding, quantum statistics, and theory of solids.
PHYS 512B:  X-rays, properties of nuclei, radioactivity, nuclear forces, elementary particles, cosmic rays, nuclear astrophysics.
PHYS 530AB Classical Physics  (4, 4)
Prerequisite or corequisite:  PHYS 510AB .  Unified treatment of advanced topics in classical physics, including Lagrange's and Hamilton-Jacobi theory, special relativity, electrodynamics, and radiation theory.
PHYS 531 Topics in Electrodynamics  (4)
Prerequisite:  PHYS 530AB .  Continuation and expansion of topics covered in 530B .  Emphasis on special topics and applications such as wave guides, scattering, diffraction, plasma physics, radiation damping, and self fields of a particle.
PHYS 532AB Quantum Mechanics  (4, 4)
Prerequisite or corequisite:  PHYS 510AB .
PHYS 532A:  Formal structure of quantum mechanics, hermitian operators, Schrödinger theory and applications to soluble systems,  angular momentum, and rotation matrices.
PHYS 532B:  Scattering theory and phase-shift analysis, matrix mechanics, spin, permutation symmetry and identical particles, and approximation methods. 
PHYS 533 Solid State Theory  (4)
Prerequisites:  PHYS 432A , 510AB 433 recommended.  Use of quantum field theory and group theory for development of solid state topics such as band theory, transport processes, and collective particle phenomena. 
PHYS 542 Physics Research Conference  (1)
Weekly meetings of faculty and students for report and discussion of recent developments in physics.  Includes presentations by faculty, advanced students, or invited speakers.  May be repeated to maximum of 2 units.  Graded CR/NC
PHYS 544 Theoretical Nuclear Physics  (4)
Prerequisites:  PHYS 510AB , 532A .  Selected topics from theory of nuclear models, nuclear reactions, and symmetry properties of elementary particles. 
PHYS 592 Seminar:  Contemporary Physics  (14)
Prerequisite:  Department approval.  Current topics in theoretical and/or experimental physics.  May be repeated to maximum of 16 units as subject matter changes.
PHYS 596 Comprehensive Examination  (0)
See the Comprehensive Examination in the requirements for the Masters Degree section of this chapter.
PHYS 597 Graduate Research  (14)
Prerequisites:  Consent of a faculty sponsor and departmental approval of project prior to registration.  Independent research, under guidance of the faculty.  May be repeated for credit.  Graded CR/NC
PHYS 598 Graduate Directed Study  (14)
Prerequisite:  Consent of a faculty sponsor before registration.  Independent study of advanced topics in the field;  regular conferences with the sponsor.  May be repeated for credit. 
PHYS 599 Thesis  (14)
Prerequisites:  Advancement to candidacy, consent of a faculty sponsor, departmental approval of topic prior to enrollment in course. Independent research resulting in a thesis.  May be repeated to maximum of 9 units.  Graded CR/NC .

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