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Courses in Astronomy
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Lower Division Courses

ASTR 151 Principles of Astronomy  (3)
Recommended corequisite:  ASTR 152 .  Nonmathematical survey of modern astronomy, primarily for non-majors in science.  Properties and evolution of solar system, stars, and the universe. Lecture 3 hours.  Together with ASTR 152 , satisfies GE Block B2. GE B2

ASTR 152 Principles of Astronomy:  Laboratory  (1)
Corequisite or prerequisite:  ASTR 151 .  Laboratory experiments, take-home observational assignments, and field trips designed to complement ASTR 151 lecture.  Laboratory 3 hours.  Together with ASTR 151 ,  satisfies GE Block B2. GE B2

ASTR 160 Space, Time and the Universe (4)

Current scientific understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe, presented in a non-mathematical form.  Evolution of cosmological ideas through times and cultures. GE B3

Upper Division Courses

ASTR 311 Elements of Modern Astronomy  (3)   (See PHYS 311 for course description.)

ASTR 360 Ancient and Modern Views of the Universe (4)
Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Subjects (Block A) and one course from Block B.  Lecture 4 hours.  Scientific theories of the origins and mechanics of the universe from ancient Mediterranean and Chinese cultures to present day Big Bang Cosmologies and the Inflationary Universe Theory. GE Theme I

ASTR 411 Introduction to Astrophysics  (3)  (See PHYS 411 for course description.)

ASTR 488 Modern Topics in General Relativity  (3)  (See PHYS 488 for course description.)

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