Sophia Iqbal is a Graduate student of physics at Cal State LA. She did her undergraduate work in sociology at U.C. Davis, a very large university, where Sophia recalls that she "felt like a number." Sophia appreciates the individualized attention she receives from the faculty and staff at Cal State's Physics and Astronomy Department, especially since her background is not in physics. Sophia decided to change majors because she realized that innovations engendered by physicists are the benchmark of the improvements in our modern society, and without physicists, the world we live in would be a vastly different place. Another factor that influenced her decision to study physics at CSULA was the University's proximity to Jet Propulsion Lab, where she intends to intern.

Sophia is interested in nuclear physics and is involved in research under the guidance of Dr. Konrad Aniol. Most of their research is performed at Jefferson Lab in Virginia. Sophia is looking forward to participating in research at J-Lab. She is writing her thesis on nuclear physics and intends to pursue a PhD.

Sophia is an active member of the physics club and enjoys sports and going to the gym.