Lewis Wu is working on his Masters Degree at CSULA. Lewis says his experience here at Cal State LA's physics program has been a positive one. He especially appreciates the small class sizes, and the fact that at Cal State LA every student's success is important. Lewis remarks that CSULA's professors are almost always available for one-on-one instruction and research opportunities are offered to all students - graduate and undergraduate alike. He contrasts this with his experience at The National University of Taiwan, where he earned his undergraduate degree. The National University of Taiwan is the second largest University in the country. Lewis recalls the feeling of anonymity he had there. He says, "The classes were very large, professors were seldom unoccupied during office hours, and undergraduate research was simply not offered." Lewis says of Cal State LA's Physics Department, "I like it here, it feels like a family to me."

Lewis plans to start research for his thesis project in Spring under the supervision of Dr. Peter Zhao, a professor at CSULA and an experimental physicist specializing in superconductivity. Lewis is employed as a graduate assistant in the physics department, and he is a volunteer tutor. He is secretary of the physics club. Lewis also enjoys photography.