Jillian Tromp is a graduate student of physics at CSULA. She completed her undergraduate work at Drexel in Philadelphia in mathematics. The physics department at CSULA maintains a low student to teacher ratio, a factor that influenced Jillian's choice among the many Universities that were available to her. Jillian knew that this very appealing quality would be very beneficial in the pursuit of her goal of a career in astrophysics, given that her undergraduate background was in math rather than physics.  

Jillian is involved in research under faculty member Dr. Susan Terebey an expert in star formation, who is known for the Terebey, Shu, Cassen or T.S.C. model that makes specific predictions about star formation, in particular, the circum-stellar disc that is a concomitant of this process. 

Jillian is working on her thesis, computer modeling of Star Formation. She is also employed as a graduate assistant in the physics department.