Desiree Rose is a senior at Cal State LA, working on her BA in physics. She transferred from the communications department after having taken several courses in physics during her involvement there. This decision was made because she felt a physics degree from CSULA would best prepare her for her career goals as a talk show host interviewing scientists, environmentalists, technicians, and engineers in a fashion making such fields as understandable as possible to the general public and, thereby, entertaining. Her goal is to help bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public and to encourage more young people to enter into science fields. Desiree is quick to indicate that her study of physics at Cal State LA has broadened her horizons immeasurably and has answered many questions she had been pondering for sometime.

Desiree works in the physics department at the University Preparatory Program. This very successful program headed by Dr. William Taylor and Dr. Martin Epstein is a community outreach service that encourages high school students to enter into science fields. Students from high schools come to CSULA on weekends to study physics and perform college level physics, chemistry, and biology experiments under the guidance of CSULA's professors and faculty members.

Desiree is also a nature enthusiast and hikes weekly to the summit of MT Wilson.