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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a Master of Science Degree in Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Chemistry with an option in Biochemistry. These are primarily research degrees.

The research-based Master of Science degree programs prepare students for supervisory and product development positions in industry, teaching positions in community colleges, or more advanced study toward the Ph.D. degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or in the molecular life sciences.

A Comprehensive Examination option is available for those who desire a current understanding of chemistry and other specific areas of chemical application in which an advanced degree is beneficial. It is not recommended for persons who wish to continue to a doctoral program in chemistry, nor for those who intend to significantly upgrade their laboratory research capabilities.

The Master's degree programs at Cal State LA are designed to provide a broad experience in the chemical or biochemical sciences while developing critical writing and presentation skills as well as laboratory manipulative techniques. They will provide the foundation for professional work or future education.

* Note: These forms can either be filled out by hand after printing or can be filled out on the computer. If you have the free Acrobat Reader 8 (or greater) (available here for free download), you can do a "Save as..." and save any text you have typed. The Department Application Form may be sent to the Department via the Department's email as well as kept for your records.

** These two forms (Research Prospectus and Comprehensive Examination Report Form) must be sent to the department as paper forms (not email) because they must have written signatures.

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