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Wavelets Part I - Introduction

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Wavelets Part  III

Some Useful Applications of Wavelets

Original image to be compared
Original Image

A comparison of JPEG compression to wavelet compression saved as a GIF.
JPEG vs Wavelet GIF animation

The NCB invites viewers to add examples to the following list . . . . .
  • FBI Fingerprinting
    The FBI uses wavelets to digitally compress fingerprints.  The compression factor is between 40 to 100 times the original size of the fingerprint.
  • JPEG
    The Starting in the year 2000, the "Join Photographic Experts Group", designers of the popular  ",jpg"  image format used on the web, began implementing wavelet techniques in their format scheme.  Any user of Adobe Photoshop and other digital camera software will recognize this extension.
  • Kodak Polychrone Graphics
    This "Twin Cities" company in Minnesota produces extremely high resolution digital images for advertisements.  Their advertisements appear in publications like  Time  magazine.  They especially use wavelets to allow clients to quickly analyze parts of an image while not destroying the quality of print.
  • Astronomy
    Wavelets have been heavily utilized in the modelling of distant galaxies.  Wavelets have helped astronomers locate a subcluster of galaxies in the  Coma  supercluster of 1,400 galaxies.  (Quantum, vol. 15,  #3)
  • Music
    Musicologists restored an 1889 recording of Brahms himself playing his  Hungarian Dance Number #1  from a wax cylinder recording.  The cylinder was in such bad shape that many listeners failed to recognize that a piano was being played.  (Quantum, vol. 15, #3)
The NCB is greatly indebted to Patrick Van Fleet for the contents of the wavelet files,
to Omar R. Zaïane for his comparitive JPEG/Wavelet compressed images,
and to Matthew Nelson of the CSULA eLPS Lab for the animation.

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