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NCB Deposit # 91

Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

AMS-MAA Meeting,  Washington, DC
January 7, 2009

Session organized by

Jon W. Scott
Montgomery College
Montgomery County, MD

[ See pp. 90 - 92 of the Program ]

  2009 NSF Poster Session - Washington
The National Curve Bank Project: A MATH Archive
   Shirley B. Gray, California State University, Los Angeles
   Chris Caldwell, University of Tennessee at Martin
   Lou Talman, Metropolitan State College of Denver
The PascGalois Project:  Visualization in Abstract Mathematics 
   Michael Bardzell, Kathleen Shannon and Donald Spickler, Salisbury University
Deposit #2  in the NCB

A Phase II Expansion of the Development of a Multidisciplinary Course on Wavelets and Applications
   Patrick Van Fleet, University of St. Thomas
   Catherine Beneteau, University of South Florida
   Caroline Haddad, SUNY Geneseo
   David Ruch, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Deposit #65  in the NCB

Probability, Statistics and Discrete Math

Learning Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science via Primary Historical Sources
   Jerry Lodder and David Pengelley, New Mexico State University

Classroom Response Systems in Statistics Courses
   Teri J. Murphy, Curtis McKnight, Michael Richman
   and Robert Terry, University of Oklahoma

Discreet Mathematics in Computing Education
  David Klappholz, Stevens Institue of Technology

The Hybrids: Math in Science - Applied Mathematics

Note:  "UBM" in the title is for Undergraduate Traineeships in Biology and Mathematics, one of the jointly funded NSF programs involving DUE, DMS, and a bio division.

Paradigms in Physics: Multiple Entry Points
   Tevian Dray, Corinne Manogue, Barbara Edwards, David McIntyre
   and Emily van Zee, Oregon State University

The Next STEP: Integrating STEM Learning Communities
   Jason Miller, Truman State University
A Biomathematical Learning Enhancement Network for Diversity (BLEND)
   Gregory Goins, Mingxiang Chen, Dinitra White, Thomas Redd, Cominic Clemence, 
   Mary Smith and Vinaya Kelkar, North Carolina A & T State University
Biocalculus: Text Development, Dialog, and Assessment
  Timothy Comar, Lisa Townsley and Brenda Alberico, Benedictine University
Biology and Mathematics in Population Studies (BioMaPS)
   K. Renee Fister, Maeve McCarthy, Terry Derting, Christopher Mecklin and Howard Whiteman,
   Murray State University

SyBR-U: Synthetic Biology Research for Undergraduates
   Laurie Heyer and A Malcolm Campbell, Davidson College
   Jeffrey Poet and Todd Eckdahl, Missouri Western State University

Math Biology Research at UNCG
  Jan Rychtar, M. Chhetri, S. Gupta, D. Remington, O. Rueppell and M. Crowe,
  University of North Carolina Greensboro

Supplying Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics Education and Research Group Experiences to Students at the University of Michigan.
  Patrick Nelson, John Schiefelbein and Trachette Jackson, University of Michigan
Understanding the formation of the arabidopsis root epidermis through an intimate collaboration between modeling and experiment
   Luay Almassalha, Asha Radhamohan, Andrew Cheng, David Gammack, Stephen Gao,
   Patrick Nelson, Yana Panciera and John Schiefelbein, University of Michigan

Dynamic analysis of bacteriacial activity in patients with severe sepsis
  Moli Yin, Alex Jacobsen, Nick Streicher, Patrick Nelson and John Younger, University of Michigan
Research-focused Learning Communities in Mathematical Biology
  Jason Miller, Jon Beck, Michael Kelrick and Laura Rechav-Fielden, Truman State University
Research and Education Program in Biology and Ecology
  Semen Koksal, Jan Varada, Adam Hernandez, Robert van Woesik, David Carroll,
  Richard Sinden and Jewgeni Dshalalow, Florida Institute of Technology

Real World STEM Application Modules
   Darren Narayan, William Basener and Moises Sudi, Rochester Institute of Technology

College Algebra

Renewal of College Algebra
   Norma Agras, Miami Dade College and J. Michael Pearson, MAA
Contemporary College Algebra & THE HBCU Retreat and Follow-On Program
   Laurette Foster, Prairie View A & M University, and Don Small, U.S. Military Academy
College Algebra in Context: A Learner-centered Approach Incorporating Data-driven Activities Related to Social Issues
   Michael Catalano, Dakota Wesleyan University


PRofessional Enhancement Program (PREP)    J. Michael Pearson, MAA
   William Haver, Virginia Commonwealth University
   Nancy Baxter Hastings, Dickinson College
   Nathaniel Dean, Texas Stae University-San Marcos
   Jon Scott, Montgomery College

Mathematics Across the Curriculum
  Carol Hay and Jessie Klein, Middlesex Community College
Math Quest: Math Question to Engage Students
   Mark Parker, Holly Zullo and Kelly Cline, Carroll College
Beyond Crossroads Workshops
   Robert Farinelli, College of Southern Maryland
   Rikki Blair, American Mathematical Assoc. of Two-Year Colleges

Dynamic Visualization Tools for Multivariable Calculus
   Paul Seeburger, Monroe Community College
Center for Women inMathematics at Smith College
   Ruth Haas and James Henle, Smith College
Integrating Field Trips into Calculus Courses
  Despina Prapavessi, Sam Needham and Karen Edwards, Diablo Valley College
Sonification for Calculus Instruction
   Steven Hetzler and Robert Tardiff, Salisbury University
Experimental Mathematics
  Marc Chamberland, Grinnell College
Math Images
  Gene Klotz and Stephen Maurer, Swarthmore College and Math Forum
A Model Teacher-Scholar Program in Secondary Mathematics
  Saad El-Zanati, Sharon McCrone and Cynthia Langrall, Illinois State University
Mathematics Research Experience for Pre-service and for In-service Teachers
  Saad El-Zanati,Wendy O'Hanlon, David Barker and Cynthia Langrall, Illinois State University
Elementary Mathematics for Teachers
   Scott Baldridge, Louisiana State University; Thomas Parker, Michigan State University
Preparing At-risk Students for CS1 and Calculus
   John Lusth, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Mathematics Across the Community College Curriculum: A National Quantitative Literacy Initiative
   Jim Roznowski, Delta College; Christie Gilliland, Green River Community College
Research-Based Video for Teaching Undergraduate Proof
  James Sandefur and Geoffrey Birky, Georgetown University
  Connie Campbell, Millsaps College; Kay Somers, Moravian College
  Manya Sundstrom, Umea University

Other Topics Including Web-based Learning

The MAA Online Book Project
   Lawrence Moore and David Smith, Duke University
MathDL: The MAA Mathematical Sciences Digital Library
   Lawrence Moore, Duke University and Roseanne Brown, MAA
WeBWorK, a Web-based Interactive Homework System
   Michael Gage, Arnold Pizer and Vicki Roth, University of Rochester
Undergrduate Research Projects in Complex Analysis with Accompanying Applets
   Michael Dorff, Brigham Young University
   Jim Rolf, Mike Brillesllyper, and Beth Schaubroeck,U.S. Air Force Academy
   Rich Stankewitz, Ball State University; Ken Stephenson, University of Tennessee
   Dov Chelse, ICMA, Jane McDougall, Colorado College

Maplets for Calculus, Tutoring without the Tutor
   Phillip Yasskin, Texas A&M Univesity; Douglas Meade, University of South Carolina
Proofs, functions & computations: A web-based course as a laboratory for enhanced teaching and learning in logic, mathematics and computer science
   Wilfried Sieg and Alex Amith, Carnegie Mellon University
Quantitative Reasoning in the Contemporary World
  Bernie Madison, Uiversity of Arkansas
  Stuart Boersma, Central Washington Univesity
  Caren Diefenderfer, Hollins Uiversity
  Shannon Dingman, Uiversity of Arkansas

Long Beach Project in Geometry and Symmetry
  Scott Crass, California State University-Long Beach

Appropriately Using WeBWork, WebAssign and Maple in Calculus I and II: Preliminary Report
  Jeffrey Stuart, Bryan Dorner, Daniel Heath and Jessica Sklar, Pacific Lutheran University

An Accessible Online Resource for Mathematics Students and Instructors
  Lila Roberts, Clayton State University

Enabling Computer Algebra Use in the Undergraduate Abstract Algebra Curriculum
  Alexander Hulpke, Colorado State University

Center for Promoting STEM
  Gloria Liu, Joseph Kotowski, Michael Farquhar and Carol Ward, Oakton Community College

National Science Foundation Program Officer

Elizabeth J. Teles
Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR

Lee L. Zia
Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR

Terry S. Woodin
Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR

Daniel P.  Maki
Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR


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