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NCB Deposit  # 130

Dr. Cye Waldman

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A Mathematician Sends a Valentine . . . .

A Family of Tessellations and Tilings


Waldman has developed a heart and skate tile set that tessellates to fill the plane  The images within are all transformations in the complex plane, some conformal, some not.


"Strictly speaking, these hearts are not cardiods, which have a specific meaning and equations.  The heart, skate and ojai curve that embraces them are built on spiral segments.  Unlike other heart equations, this one tesselates with the skates."
Dr. Cye Waldman

Copyright Notice:  This animation and all images within are under copyright by Cye Waldman and may not be copied, electronically or otherwise, without his espress permission.
Dr. Cye Waldman

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The NCB thanks Dr. Waldman for his strong contibutions.

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