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 NCB Deposit  # 158

Dr. Cye Waldman

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Fractals Reimagined

Fractals redefined in terms of an arbitrary initial array

A familiar Julia set from the valley of the seahorses is seen here mapped via a rotating decagon.......................................

fractal seahorse

For those familiar with fractal graphics, this is something radically different.  In our model, the initial iterant can be derived from any Mandelbrot/Julia curve in the complex plane.  The details are in the PDF file.  The standard sets are shown in the table below.


The following images from the PDF show many examples of reimagined fractals.  Each image on the left shows a small glyph indicating the generating curve for the initial iterant.  Additional images are available in the PDF file with links to more animations.
Fractals Reimagined

August, 1985
We have other interesting Mandelbrot/Julia fractal animations in NCB Deposit #156 and NCB Deposit #157.

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