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Dr. Cye Waldman

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"On Plane Curves in the Complex Plane"

Bessel stamp

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Bessel Function
Bessel Function Curve
Bessel equations

"Without apology or embarrassment, he (Euler) treated these numbers (real and imaginary) as equal players upon the mathematical stage and showed how to take their roots, logs, sines, and cosines."

"In mathematics you don't understand things.  You just get used to them."

W.  Dunham in   Euler: The Master of Us All

Johann von Neumann

Additional examples:
Hermite Polynomial
Hermite equations

Hermite Polynomial
The analytical signal of the Hermite polynomial for  n  = 50  looks
remarkably like a plane curve obtained from the Cauchy pulse with  n = 100.

A Three-Dimensional Hermite Polynomial

Hermite Polynomial

There are many paths to complex functions with fractional calculus.

References, Comments and Matlab Code

Matlab Code for  "The Apple of My  i"  can be expressed in only four lines.  We will repeat it here for your convenience.

figure; plot(psi(tau,n)); axis equal

Or, in terms of the angular variable:

figure; plot(psi(theta,n)); axis equal

Please see the Bibliography in the accompanying PDF file  for a complete set of references.

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