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NCB Deposit # 93

Jorge Ibraham Rodriguez
National Curve Bank
A History of Math Class
visits the
Huntington Library
Huntington Visit 2009

Jorge Rodriguez, a student at CSULA and an amateur photographer, took advantage of the annual visit to the Huntington Library, near the campus, to capture images printed in famous mathematics publications.  This selection was culled from his treasure of more than 200 photographs all taken without a flash.  Try to identify the image and watch for your score at the end.
[ Note:  For more information on the Huntington's History of Mathematics holdings please contact Dr. Daniel Lewis, Dibner Senior Curator of the History of Science and Technology, < >. ]

Click on each of the "thumbnail" images below. The full image will open on your screen.
We encourage you to click on the small magnifying button on the full image to take a closer look.  You can even read the text!

The speed of your internet connection makes an enormous difference.  May we suggest that the first time you open an image, be patient!  After that, the image will be in your cache and should open much faster.

1.  Euclid
2. Euclid
3. Pascal
4. Galileo  
5. Galileo
6. Astronomer  
7. Area under a curve
8. Letter to George Ellery Hale
For more information on the holdings at the Huntingon please see their "Home Page."

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