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A Quintet for the Mathematical Tourist

  Newton's England
  Hamilton's Dublin
  Maxwell's Edinburgh
  The Bernoulli Family's Basel
  Fibonacci's Pisa


Streets, Bridges and  . . .
  Other Places of Interest


Other UK Venues
  A Mathematician's Tour of Cambridge University

Alan Turing
  Near Manchester University The Architecture Department of Manchester University and Macclesfield Borough Council dedicated a commemorative plaque on Hollymeade, the house in Wilmslow near Manchester where Alan Turing lived and died.

George Green
  Green's Mill in Sneinton near Nottingham

And on the Continent . . .
From Italy
    Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pacioli

From Greece
    Pythagoras and the island of Samos

From Sweden, Denmark and Prague
    The Mittag-Leffler Institute
    Brahe and Kepler

From Turkey
    Istanbul: Sundials, Coins and a Palimpsest

    Department of Mathematics, Weizmann Institute


   Liu Hui's Nine Chapters of the Mathematical Art in Shanghai    Shaw Prize in Hong Kong

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Russia has honored Sonja Kovalevsky (1850 - 1891).

Unfortunately, neither Italy nor the Vatian has honored the contributions of Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718 - 1799).

Newton in England

Hamilton in Ireland

Maxwell in Scotland

Bernoullis and ....

Euler in Basel.

Gauss in Germany

Descartes and . . .

Liu Hui from China.