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Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

AMS-MAA Meeting,  San Francisco
January 14, 2010

Session organized by

Jon W. Scott
Montgomery College
Montgomery County, MD

[ See pp. 93 - 95 of the Program ]

Continuing from the 2009 NSF Poster Session

PREP: MAA's Professional Enhancement Program
   J. Michael Pearson, MAA; Nancy Baxter Hastings, Dickinson College; Nathaniel Dean, Texas State University, San Marcos; Virginia Buchanan, Hiram College; and Jon Scott, Montgomery College
Learning Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science via Primary Historical Sources
   Jerry Lodder, David Pengelley and Guram Bezhanishvili, New Mexico State University

Paradigms in Physics: Multiple Entry Points
   Tevian Dray, Corinne Manogue, Barbara Edwards, David McIntyre
   and Emily van Zee, Oregon State University

SyBR-U: Synthetic Biology Research for Undergraduates
   Laurie Heyer and A Malcolm Campbell, Davidson College
   Jeffrey Poet and Todd Eckdahl, Missouri Western State University

Math Biology Research at UNCG
  Jan Rychtar, M. Chhetri, S. Gupta, D. Remington, O. Rueppell and M. Crowe,
  University of North Carolina Greensboro

Research and Education Program in Biology and Ecology
  Semen Koksal, Jan Varada, Adam Hernandez, Robert van Woesik, David Carroll,
  Richard Sinden and Jewgeni Dshalalow, Florida Institute of Technology

Real World STEM Application Modules

   Darren Narayan, William Basener and Moises Sudi, Rochester Institute of Technology

THE HBCU Retreat and Follow-On Program
   Laurette Foster, Prairie View A & M University, and Don Small, U.S. Military Academy  

Center for Women in Mathematics at Smith College
   Ruth Haas and James Henle, Smith College
Experimental Mathematics
  Marc Chamberland, Grinnell College  
Research-Based Video for Teaching Undergraduate Proof
  James Sandefur and Geoffrey Birky, Georgetown University
  Connie Campbell, Millsaps College; Kay Somers, Moravian College
  Manya Sundstrom, Umea University

The MAA Online Book Project
   Lawrence Moore and David Smith, Duke University
MathDL: The MAA Mathematical Sciences Digital Library
   Lawrence Moore, Duke University and Tom Leathrum, Jacksonville State
Undergrduate Research Projects in Complex Analysis with Accompanying Applets
   Michael Dorff, Brigham Young University
   Jim Rolf, Mike Brillesllyper, and Beth Schaubroeck,U.S. Air Force Academy
   Rich Stankewitz, Ball State University; Ken Stephenson, University of Tennessee
   Dov Chelse, ICMA, Jane McDougall, Colorado College

Quantitative Reasoning in the Contemporary World
  Bernie Madison, University of Arkansas
  Stuart Boersma, Central Washington Univesity
  Caren Diefenderfer, Hollins University
  Shannon Dingman, University of Arkansas


New 2010 NSF Poster Session Participants

Lurch: Software for Teaching Mathematical Proof
   Nathan Carter, Bentley University and Kenneth G. Monks, University of Scranton
DIY Modeling - Do It Yourself Modeling and Simulation for STEM Learning
   Frank Wattenberg, US Military Academy, William C. Bauldry, Appalachian State University; Joe Yanik, Emporia State University; Keith Erickson, Georgia Gwinnett College; and Marion Smith, Texas Southern University
Maplets for Calculus
   Phillip B. Yassik, Texas A&M University and Douglas B. Meade, University of South Carolina
The design of a research based curriculum for real analysis
  Kyeong Hah Roh, Arizona State University

WeBWork, A Web-based Interactive Homework System
   Arnold Pizer, Vicki Roth and Michael Gage, University of Rochester
Change Agents for Teaching and Learning Statistics (CATALST)
   Joan Garfield, Bob delMas, Andy Zieffler, University of Minnesota; Allan Rossman, Beth Chance, California State University, San Luis Obispo; George Cobb, Mount Holyoke College; John Holcomb, ClevelandUniversity
Multidisciplinary Sustainability Modules: Integrating STEM Courses
   Thomas J. Pfaff, Ali S. Erkan, Jason G. Hamilton and Michael Rogers, Ithaca College
CCLI2: Colorado Momentum
  Mary Nelson, Harvey Segur, Anne Dougherty and James Curry, University of Colorado, Boulder

Investigating the Mathematical Biology of Metabolic Scaling using Manduca in STaRs (Interdisciplinary Science Training and Research)
   Jennifer Garbett, Judy Holdener, Chris Gillen, Brad Hartlaub, Harry Itagaki and Drew Kerkhoff, Kenyon Collegen
College Ready in Mathematics and Physics Partnership
   Gay Stewart, Bernard L. Madison, Shannon W. Dingman, University of Arkansas; Pete Joenks, Springdale High School; John Jones, University of Arkansas, Fort Smith
Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics Training Program at NJIT: The effect of neuronal morphology on passive properties of neurons
   Farzan Nadim, Krutanjali Shah, Yamin Noor and A. Farzad Sheibanie, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Authentic Discovery Projects for Introductory Statistics
  Robb Sinn, Dianna Spence and Brad Baile, North Georgia College
Empowering Student Learning in Mathematical Analysis
   Barbara Shipman and James Epperson, The University of Texas Arlington
Modern Biology, Modern Mathematics, and Modern Solutions: Moving Biomathematics Education Beyond Calculus
   Raina Robeva and Robin Davies, Sweet Brian College; Terrell Hodge and Alexander Enyedi, Western Michigan University
Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum in a Liberal Arts Setting
   Semra Kilic-Bahi, Ben Steele and Peter White, Colby Sawyer College
Development and Dissemination of Computational Science Educational Materials and Curricula at the Undergraduate Level
  Paula Federico, Terry Lahm, Andrea Karkowski, Capital University; Sheryl Hemkin, Kenyon College; Gerald Mueller, Columbus State Community College; Ignatios Vakalis, California State Polytechnic Institute
MBUR (Mathematical Biology & Undergraduate Research): Modeling Growth and Biochemical Pathways in Selenite Resistant Bacteria
   George Yates, Jon Caguiat, Carl Sims, Jozsi Jalics and Mark Wombie, Youngstown State University
Studying Cell Response to Input Signals as the Basis for Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biological and Mathematical Sciences
   Ovidiu Lipan, Kathy Hoke, Lester Caudill, Jr., Laura Runyen-Janecky and Garrett Graham, University of Richmond
Quantitative Skills in Biology through Scientific Inquiry at James Madison Univesity
   D. Brian Walton, Anthony Tongen, Nusrat Jahan and Reid Harris, James Madison University
Research and Education in Computational Mathematics for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences at NJIT
  Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou, Roy Goodman, David Horntrop, Jonathan Luke, Michael Siegel and Yuan-Nan Young, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Interactive Online Modules and Take-Home Assignments for Inquiry-Learning to Provide First-Hand Experience in Matrix Algebra Course
   Hamide Dogan-Dunlap and Piotr Wojciechowski, University of Texas at El Paso
Undergraduate Training in Bioinformatics
   Ming-Ying Leung, Steve Aley, Vladik Kreinovich and Elizabeth Walsh, The University of Texas at El Paso

National Science Foundation Program Officer

Russell Pimmel
Lead Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR

Myles Boylan
Lead Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR

Terry S. Woodin
Program Director
Division of Undergraduate Education - EHR


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