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MAA Poster Session on Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

AMS-MAA Meeting, San Diego, CA

January, 2013

Session organized by

Jon W. Scott
Montgomery College
Montgomery County, MD

[ In the order listed on p. 121 of the Program ]

Resequencing Calculus Phase 2.
   Mike Axtell, University of St. Thomas 
   Nick Baeth, Univesity of Central Missouri
Dave Dwyer, Mark Gruenwald, University of Evansville
Ken Luther, Valparaiso University

Mathematical ACES:  Algebraic Concepts for Elementary Students.
   Davida Fischman, Shawn McMurran, Joseph Jesunathadas,
   California State Univesity, San Bernardino
   Karla Wells and Carol Cronk, Ontario Montclair Sch. District

Research by Undergraduates in Mathematical Biology: Modeling Celluar Processes in Bioremediation and Biofuels.
   George T. Yates, Youngstown State University

Integrating Knowledge: A Model for Secondary Teacher Preparation.

   David Barker, Matthew Winsor, Beverly Rich, John Dossey
   Illinois State University, and Wendy O'Hanlon, Illinois Central College

College Ready in Mathematics and Physics Partnership.
   Bernard Madison, Gay Stewart, Shannon Dingman, University of Arkansas
   John Jones, University of Arkansas at Ft. Smith, and Pete Joenks, Springdale H. S.

WeBWork: Improving Student Success in Mathematics.
    Arnold Pizer, Mike Gage, Vicki Roth, University of Rochester
   Michael Pearson and John Wyatt, MAA

Combining Empirical and Theoretical Approaches to Better Understand the Persistence of Waterfowl Disease in the Upper Mississippi River.
   Barbara Bennie and James Peirce, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse    

Biocalculus:  Text Development, Dialog, and Assessment.
   Timothy Comar and Brenda Alberico, Benedictine University

Texas Leadership Initiative: Maathematics Instruction Transformed.
   Lesa Beverly, Kimberly Childs, Debbie Pace and Betty Alford, Stephen F. Austin State University

Texas Middle and Secondary Mathematics Project Leadership Initiative.
   Kimberly Childs, Debbie Pace and Lesa Beverly, Stephen F. Austin State University

Development of a New Calculus and Differential Equations Sequence for Undergraduate Life Sciences Major.
   Chichia Chiu, Peter Bates and Jue Wang, Michigan State University

Paradigms in Physics: Interactive Electromagnetism Curricular Materials.
   Tevian Dray, Corinne Manogue and Emily van Zee, Oregon State University

Native American-based Mathematics Materials for Integration into Undergraduate Courses.
   Charles Funkhouser, Scott Annin, California State University, Fullerton
   Miles Pfahl, Turtle Mountain Community College

Transforming Linear Algebra Education with GeoGebra Applets.
   James Factor, Alverno College

Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning Assessment (QLRA) Project.
   Eric Gaze, Bowdoin College; Linda Misener, Southern Maine Community College
   Semra Kilic-Bahi, Colby Sawyer College; Aaron Montgomery, Central Washington University
   Corri Taylor, Wellesley College and Deann Leoni, Edmonds Community College

Math in the City.
   Joe Geisbauer, Petronela Radu and Stephen Hartke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

POGIL Math - Gided Inquiry Materials for Gatekeeper Courses in Mathematics.
   Zdnka Guadarrama, Rockhurst University, Catherine Beneteau, University of South Florida
   Jill Guerra, University of Arkansas Ft. Smith, Laurie Lenz, Marymount University
   Richard Moog, Franklin and Marshall College, Jennifer Noll, Portland State University
   Andrei Straumanis, POGIL Project

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): Modeling and Industrial Applied Mathematics.
   Aloysius Helmnick and Hien Tran, North Carolina State University

Mathematics and Social Advocacy.
   Sandra Kingan and Jeff Suzuki, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Biology and Mathematics in Populations Studies II.
   Maeve McCarthy and Renee Fister, Murray State University

Lurch, Educational Software for Writing Proofs.
   Kenneth Monks, University of Scranton; Nathan Carter, Bentley University

The West Texas Middle School Math Partnership.

   Gary Harris, Raegan Higgins, Texas Tech Univesity; Warren Koepp, University of Texas, Permian Basin

The Learning Curve: Faculty Implementation of IBL Techniques Following Professional Development Workshops.
   Chuck Hayward, Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado Boulder
Doug Moore, Bill Jacob, University of California, Santa Barbara
   Paul Sally, John Boller, University of Chicago
   Ralf Spatzier, University of Michigan; Mike Starbird, University of Texas, Austin

Talented Teachers in Training for Texas.
   Keith Hubbard, Lesa Beverly, Karen Embry-Jenlink and Dennis Gravatt
   Stephen F. Austin State University

Graph Theory and Social Networks - It's Hard to Hide, Even in a Crowd.
   Joan Lucas, The College at Brockport State Univesity of New York

UTMOST:  Undergraduate Teaching of Mathematics with Open Software and Textbooks.
   Thomas Judson, Stephen F. Austin State Univesity; Jason Grout, Drake Univerrsity
   Robert Beezer, University of Puget Sound, Susan Lynds, Sandra Laursen, University of Colorado, Boulder
   Kiran Kedlaya, University of California, San Diego; William Stein, University of Washington, Seattle

Arizona Mathematics Partnership (AMP).
    April Strom, Scottsdale Community College 

The Impact of the Math S-STEM Program on a Mathematics Department.
    Alexandra Kurepa, North Carolina A & T State University 

LINE: Linear Algebra in New Environments-Focusing on Students' Learning.
    Sergio Loch, Grand View University, Draga Vidakovic, Georgia State University
    William Martin, North Dakota State University; Jeff Suzuki, Laurel Cooley and
    Scott Dexter, Brooklyn College, CUNY; Christopher McClure, Des Moines Area Community College

Using Research to Shape Instruction and Placement in Algebra and Precalculus.
    Bernard L. Madison, University of Arkansas; Michael Pearson, MAA
   Caren Diefenderfer, Hollins University; Marilyn Carlson, Arizona State University

The Predictability of Student Attributes and Instructional Milieu on Success in Developmental Math, College Algebra, and Collegiate Assessment of Academic P roficiency, and Matriculation to Degree.
    Lee Pearce, Curtis Card, Daluss Siewert and Kristi Pearce, Black Hills State University 

Maplets for Calculus (M4C) - Evaluations and Assessment.
    Douglas B. Meade, Edwin M. Dickey, Ray Patenaude, Paula Adams, University of South Carolina
   Philip B. Yasskin, Texas A. & M. University; Robert Petrulis, Evaluation,Policy and Research in Education Consulting

STEM Real World Applications of Mathematics.
    Darren A. Narayan, Rochester Institute of Technology; Joy Lind, University of Sioux Falls 

The Alfred University Calculus Initiative.
    Joseph Petrillo, Darwyn Cook and Addison Frey, Alfred University 

Dynamic Visualization Tools for Multivariable Calculus.
    Paul Seeburger, Monroe Community College; Monica VanDieren, Robert Morris University 

Risky Business:  Using Discrete Mathematics to Assess the Risks Involved in Business and Straight Up Gambling.
    Rebecca Smith and Joan M. Lucas, THe College of Brockport, State University of New York 

Research Based Videos for Developing Mathematical Thinking Skills in Proof Writing and Problem Solving.
    Kay Somers, Moravian College; Jim Sandefur, Georgetown University; Connie Campbell, Millsaps College 

Discovery Learning Projects in Introductory Statistics.
    Dianna Spence, Sherry Hix and Brad Bailey, North Georgia College & State University 

UBM: Team Research Training Program in Biology and Mathematics.
    Edwin Tecarro, Jeong-Mi Yoon, Akif Uzman and Youn-Sha Chan, University of Houston-Downtown 

<>UBM: Integrated Undergraduate Training in Mathematics and Life Sciences at NCSU.
    Hien Tran, James Gilliam, Aloysius Helminck and Alun Lloyd, North Carolina State University

Maplets for Calculus (M4C) - New Developments.
    Philip Yasskin, Matthew J. Barry, Logan N. Collins, Texas A. & M. University
   Douglas B. Meade, University of South Carolina

Supporting Pedagogical Innovation for a Generation of Transformation via Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics (SPIGOT).
    Stan Yoshinobu, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
   Carol Schumacher, Kenyon College; Matthew Jones, California State University, Dominguez Hills
   Sandra L. Lauren, University of Colorado

DIYModeling:  Do It Yourself Modeling and Simulation for STEM Learning.
    Frank Wattenberg, Rod Sturdivant, US Military Academy; Jim Rolf, US Air Force Academy
   Bill Bauldry, Appalachian State University; Joe Yanik, etsy Yani, Emporia State University
   Keith Erickson, Georgia Gwinnett College

PREP: MAA's Professional Development Program.
    Nancy Hastings, Dickinson College; Barbara Edwards, Oregon State University
   Nathaniel Dean, Texas State University San Marcos; Virginia Buchanan, Hiram College
   Mike Brilleslyper, US Air Force Academy, Michael Pearson, MAA
   Jenna Carpenter, Louisiana Tech University; Jon Scott, Montgomery College

Evaluation and Assessment of Teaching and Learning about Statistics (e-ATLAS).
    Andy Zieffler, Joan Garfield and Bob delMas, University of Minnesota 

Project MathVote:  Teaching Mathematics with Classroom Voting.
    Holly Zullo and Kelly Cline, Carroll College
   Ann Stewart, Hood College; Christopher Storm, Adelphi University

A New Approach to Intermediate & College Algebra:  It Starts wth a Word Problem.
    Sheryl Dohm, Chaminade University of Honolulu 

Integrative Research-focused Experiences and Curriculum in Mathematical Biology.
    Jason Miller and Pam Ryan, Truman State University 

STEM Real World Applications of Mathematics.
    Linyuan Lu and Joshua Cooper, Univesity of South Carolina 

Emphasizing Core Calculus Concepts Using Biomedical Applications to Engage Mentor and Retain STEM Students.
    Marilyn Reba, Taufiquar Khan, Irina Viktorova, Ellen Breazel and John DesJardins, Clemson Universityn 

National Science Foundation Poster Session - 2013
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