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Liu Hui  (ca. 260 AD)  #2

Preface from  "The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art" . . . .

I studied the Nine Chapters at an early age and perused it when I got older.  I see the separation of the Yin and the Yang and arrive at the root of the mathematical art.  In this process of probing I comprehend its meaning.  Despite ignorance and incompetence on my part I dare expose what I understand in these commentaries.  Things are related to each other through logical reasoning so that like branches of a tree, diversified as they are, they nevertheless come out of a single trunk.  If elucidated by prose and illustrated by pictures, then we may be able to attain conciseness as well as comprehensiveness, clarity as well as rigour.  Looking at a part we will understand the rest."
translated by Prof. Man-Keung SIU, University of Hong Kong
in "How Chinese Learn Mathematics:  Perspective From Insiders"
(World Scientific, 2004, Chapter 6)

Please see Liu Hui #1 for an introduction to the Nine Chapters.