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 NCB Deposit  # 143

Dr. Cye Waldman

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"Pi Day   ------   3/14
March 14

A Day to Celebrate Mathematics . . . .


Pi animation

Pi  Animation

Apple Pi

Apple Pi

Pi Apple

Pi Apple

To see any of the images full size, place the cursor over the image, right click and select "View Image."

Copyright Notice:  The animations and all images within are under copyright by Cye Waldman and may not be copied, electronically or otherise, without his express permission.

Dr. Cye Waldman,

Another celebration of  π  takes place as stalwart mathematicians attempt to become the world record holder for memorizing its value.


Other lists of world record holders may be found on the internet.

Above all, we pay tribute for . . . .

Today is Albert Einstein's Birthday!
Happy Birthday

Born:  March 14, 1879
in Ulm, Württenberg, Germany

Died: April 18, 1955
in Princeton, New Jersey

The Einstein statue at the
National Academy of Sciences, near the Vietnam Memorial,
is one of Washington,DC's
most popular photo sites.


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J. M. Borwein and S. T. Chapman,  I Prefer Pi:  A Brief History and Anthology of Articles in the American Mathematical Monthly. 
The American Mathematical Monthly, MAA, 122 (3), March, 2015, pp. 195 - 216.

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