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NCB Deposit # 35

MAA Poster Session on Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

AMS-MAA Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

January 9, 2004

Session organized by

Jon W. Scott
Montgomery College
Montgomery County, MD

[ See p.75 of the Program ]

Linking Visualizations Online to Discover and Unify Mathematics
   Robert A. Palais, Andrej V. Cherkaev, Elena A. Charkaev, University of Utah
Deposit #1 in the NCB
The PascGalois Project:  Visualizing Abstract Algebra 
   Michael Bardzell, Kathleen Shannon, Salisbury University
Deposit #2  in the NCB
Bridging the Vector Calculus Gap
   Tevian Dray, Corinne A. Manogue, Oregon State University
Deposit #27 in the NCB  

Probability and Statistics

The Probability/Statistics Object Library
   Kyle Siegrist, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Data, Probability, Statistics and Risk
   James J. Madden, Louisiana State University & Agricultural and Mechanical College
Stem and Tendril: Vertically Intergrated Statistics Laboratories 
   Deborah Franzblau, Andrew Poje and John Verzani; CUNY/College ofStaten Island
Collaborative Research:  Adaptation and Implementation of Activity and Web-Based Materials into Post-Calculus Introductory Probability and Statistics Courses.
   Leigh Lunsford, Athens State University 
   Ginger Holmes Rowell, Middle Tennessee State University
   Angel E. Long, Middle Tennessee State University
   Tracy Goodson-Espy, University of Alabama in Huntsville   

Mathematics Education

Demos with positive impact.
   Dave Hill, Temple University 
   Lila F. Roberts, Georgia Southern University
Knot theory for Preservice and Practicing Secondary Mathematics Teachers
   Neil Portnoy, Thomas Mattman, California State University, Chico
Seeing the Connections: Promoting Profound Understanding of Secondary Mathematics
   Steve Benson and Al Cuoco, Education Development Center,
   Karen Graham, University of New Hampshire, Neil Portnoy, Stony Brook University
Interactive Modular Mathematics Education
   William Feldman, Wayne Mackey, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Pathways through Algebra
   Terrie Teagardern, San Diego Mesa College
   Wade Ellis, West Valley College
   Wei-Jen Harrison, American River College
Implementation of Web Work Delivering Internet-Based Homework in College Algebra Courses
   Coreen Mett, Radford University  

Other Topics

Improving Calculus:  Developing Concepts Through Good Questions
   Maria Terrell, Robert Connelly, Cornell University
Technical Mathematics for Tomorrow:  Recommendations and Exemplary Programs
   Mary Ann Hovis, Rhodes State College
   Robert Kimball, Wake Technical Community College
   John Peterson, Retired
Combinatorics by Guided Discovery
   Kenneth P. Bogart
Teaching Discrete Mathematics via Original Historical Sources
  Jerry Lodder, Guram Bezhanishvili, Hing Leung,
  David Pengelley, Desh Ranjan, New Mexico State University
Quantitative Methods for Public Policy
   David M. Bressoud, Macalester College
Contemporary College Algebra
   Don Small, U.S. Military Academy  

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Establishing the National Curve Bank
  Shirley B. Gray, Stewart Venit, Russell Abbott, Randolph Cooper

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Elizabeth J. Teles
Acting Division Director

Lee L. Zia
Program Director

Calvin L. Williams
Program Director


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Jon Scott
Mary Kay Abbey
Poster Session Organizers

National Curve Bank

Members of the National Curve Bank Advisory Board attending the meeting in Phoenix
Mary Kay Abbey, Montgomery College Bill Austin, University of Tennessee at Martin
Janet L. Beery, University of Redlands Phillip E. Johnson, Univ. of North Carolina, Charlotte
Herbert Kasube, Bradley University Steve Kennedy, Carleton College
Stacy Langton, University of San Diego Ed Sandifer, Western Conn. State University
Robert Stein, Calif. State Univ., San Bernardino Lou Talman, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Shirley B. Gray, Calif. State Univ., Los Angeles