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MAA Poster Session on Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education

AMS-MAA Meeting, New Orleans, LA

January, 2011

Session organized by

Jon W. Scott
Montgomery College
Montgomery County, MD

[ In the order listed on p. 101 of the Program ]

Workshops That Improve Undergraduate Teaching of Mathematics.
   Alex Heidenberg, Jerry Kobylski and Hilary Fletcher 
   United States Military Academy

Distributome-An Interactive Web-based Resource for Probability Distributions.
   Kyle Siegrist, University of Alabama in Huntsville
   Ivo Dinov, University of California, Los Angeles
   Dennis Pearl, The Ohio State University

Mathematics and Social Advocacy.
   Sandra Kingan and Jeff Suzuki, Brooklyn College of CUNY

The HBCU Retreat and Follow-on Program.

   Don Small, United States Military Academy
   Laurette Foster, Prairies View A & M University

Teaching Abstract Algebra for Understanding.
   Estrella Johnson and Sean Larsen, Portland State University

Math in the City.
    Petronela Radu and Stephen Hartke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Lurch, Educational Software for Writing Proofs.
   Kenneth G. Monks, University of Scranton
   Nathan Carter, Bentley University

DIY Modeling-Do It Yourself Modeling and Simulation for STEM Learning.
   Frank Wattenberg, United States Military Academy; William C. Bauldry, Appalachian State University
   Joe Yanik, Emporia State University; Keith Erickson, Georgia Gwinnett College
Marion Smith, Texas Southern University

Discovering the Art of Mathematics.
   Julian F. Fleron, Philip K. Hotchkiss, Volker Ecke and Christine von Renesse
   Westfield State College

Quantitative Reasoning in the Contemporary World.
   Caren Diefenderfer, Hollins University; Bernard L. Madison, University of Arkansas; Stuart Boersma, Central
   Washington University; Shannon Dingman, University of Washington

College Ready in Mathematics and Physics Partnership.
   Gay Stewart, Bernard L. Madison, and Shannon Dingman, University of Arkansas

Biology and Mathematics in Population Studies - BioMaPS I and BioMaPS II.
   Donald Adongon, K. Renee Fister, Terry Derting, Chris Mecklin, Claire Fuller, Kate He, Emily Croteau, Maeve McCarthy and Howard Whiteman, Murray State University

Dynamic Visualization Tools for Multivariable Calculus.
   Paul Seeburger, Monroe Community College

Enabling Computer Algebra Use in the Undergraduate Abstract Algebra Curriculum.
   Alexander Hulpke, Colorado State University

STEM Real World Application of Mathematics.
   Darren Narayan and William Basener, Rochester Institute of Technology

Analysis of Stress in Biological Systems.
   Ben G. Fitzpatrick, Thomas Zachariah, Wendy Binder, Kam Dahlquist and Gary Kuleck, Loyola Marmount University

Paradigms in Physics: Electromagnetism Curricular Materials.
   Tevian Dray, Corrine A. Manogue and Emily H. van Zee, Oregon State University

Project MOSAIC:  Integrating Modeling, Statistics, Calculus and Computation in Early Undergraduate Curriculum.
   Daniel Kaplan, Macalester College

Undertaking a Purposeful and Effective Departmental Review.
   Nancy Baxter Hastings, Dickinson College

Flash Applets for WeBWork Online Homework System.
   Cleveland State University

Research-Based Video for Teaching Undergraduate Proof.
   Jim Sandefur, Georgetown University; Kay Somers, Moravian College; Connie Campbell, Millsaps College

An Integrative Analysis of Human Cancer:  Exploiting the Synergy of Mathematical and Molecular Biological Approaches in Studying a Complex Problem.
   Jeffrey Forrester and Michael P. Roberts, Dickinson College

WeBWork:  Improving Student Success in Mathematics.
   Arnold Pizer, Mike Gage, Vicki Roth, University of Rochester; Michael Pearson, Mathematical Association of America.

MathVote:  Teaching Mathematics with Classroom Voting.
   Jean McGivney-Burelle, University of Hartford; Kathy Shay, Middlesex County College; Ann Stewart, Hood College; Lahna VonEpps, Columbia College; Christopher Storm, Adelphi University

Maplets for Calculus.
   Douglas B. Meade, University of South Carolina; Philip B. Yasskin and Matthew Barry, Texas A. & M. University

UTMOST: Undergraduate Teaching of Mathematics with Open Software and Textbooks.
   Robert Beezer, University of Puget Sound; Jason Grout, Drake University; Marja-Liisa Hassi and Sandra Laursen,
   University of Colorado at Boulder; Thomas Judson, Stephen F. Austin State University; Kiran Kedlaya, MIT; William Stein, University of Washington

Discovery Learning Projects in Introductory Statistics.
   Brad Bailey and Dianna Spence, North Georgia College and State University

Mathematics Partnering with Computer Sciences to Improve Calculus Instruction and Learning.
   Calvin L. Williams, Marilyn Reba, Roy Pargas and Allen Guest, Clemson University

Supplying Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics Education and Research Group Experiences (SUBMERGE) to Students at the University of Michigan:  Understand Diseases with Math Biology.
   Patrick Nelson, Trachette Jackson, Michael Simonov and Helen Shi, University of Michigan

The Integrative Biomathematics Learning and Engagement Network for Diversity (BLEND) Project At North Carolina A & T State University.
    Gregory D. Goins, Mingxiang Chen, C. Dinitra White, Dominic P. Clemence and Thoas C. Redd, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University 

Problems of the Week as Teacher Education Resources.
    Jason Silverman, Drexel University and Chrystal Dean, Appalachian State University 

The Math Forum's Virtual Fieldwork Sequence.
    Wesley Shumar and Jason Silverman, Drexel University; Stephen Weimar and Ellen Clay, The Math Forum at Drexel 

Preservice Teachers' Learning and Motivation in Working with The Math Forum's Virtual Fieldwork Sequence.
    K. Ann Renninger, Mark Chin, Dennis Fan and Ming Cai, Swarthmore College 

Assessing Open-ended Mathematics Writing:  The Math Image Wiki Page Coding Scheme (ML-CS).
    Anna M. Phillips, Abram Lipman and K. Ann Renninger, Swarthmore College 

MBUR (Mathematical Biology and Undergraduate Research): Modeling the Dynamics of Riparian Forests and Landforms.
    Lindsay Blazsek, Lisa M. Curil, Thomas P. Diggins and George T. Yates, Youngstown State University 

Texas A & M  UBM: Student research experience is the key.
    Jay Walton, May Boggess and Masami Fujiwara, Texas A. & M University; K. Fu amd Harriette Block, Prairie View A.& M. University 

Texas A. & M. Math REU: The 3 X 5 Model.
    Jay Walton and Al Boggess, Texas A. & M. University 

Interdisciplinary Training in Mathematical Biology Through Team-based Undergraduate Research and Courses.
    Jason Miller and Pamela Ryan, Truman State University 

Broadening Participation in STEM Through Integrative Experiences For First-Year Students.
    Jason Miller, Truman State University 

University Scholars in STEM.
    Leah Gold, Barbara K. Modney, Daniel Simon, Lauren Davis, Carol Hodanbosi and Mark Tumeo, Cleveland State University 

Quantitative Skills in Biology through Scientific Inquiry at James Madison University.
    Brian Walton, Anthony Tongen, Nusrat Jahan and Reid Harris, James Madison University 

Mathematical Methods for Biology and Medicine.
    Glenn Ledder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Research, Dissemination, and Faculty Development of Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Methods in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics.
    Michael Starbird, The University of Texas at Austin; Paul J. Sally and John Boller, University of Chicago; Ralf Spatzier, University of Michigan; Sandra Lauren, University of Colorado at Boulder; John D. Moore and William B. Jacob, University of California at Santa Barbara 

GeoGebra Applets for Elementary Statistics.
    David Gurney, Southeastern Louisiana University 

Motivation and Learning in an Online Unmoderated Mathematics Workshop for Teachers.
    K. Ann Renninger, Ming Cai, M.C. Lewis and M. Adams, Swarthmore College; K. Ernst, Drexel 

CELTIC: Calculus for Elementary Teachers:  An Innovative Context.
    Karen Keene, Alina Duca and Paola Szaatjn, North Carolina State University 

MINDSET: Mathematics Instruction using Decision Science and Engineering Tools.
    Robert Young and Karen Keene, North Carolina State University;  Kenneth Chelst and Thomas Edwards, Wayne State University; David Pugall, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 

An Accessible Online Resource for Mathematics Students and Instructors.
    Lila F. Roberts, Clayton State University 

Online Statistics Education:  An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study II.
    David M. Lane, Rice University; Camille Peres, University of Houston, Clear Lake Campus 

Biocalculus:  Text Development, Dialog and Assessment.
    Timothy Comar and Brenda Alberico, Benedictine University 

MAA's Interactive Online Calculus Text.
    David Smith and Lang Moore, Duke University 

Resources for Courses:  MathDL's New Collection of Online Materials.
    Lang Moore, Duke University; Tom Leathrum, Jacksonville State University 

Empowering Student Learning in Mathematical Analysis.
    Barbara A. Shipman, The University of Texas at Arlington 

PREP: MAA's Professional Development Program.
    J. Michael Pearson, Mathematical Association of America; Nancy Baxter Hastings, Dickinson College; Barbara Edwards, Oregon State University; Nathaniel Dean, Texas State University San Marcos, Mike Brilleslyper, United States Air Force Academy; Jon Scott, Montgomery College 

Modern Biology, Modern Mathematics and Modern Solutions:  Moving Biomathematics Education Beyond Calculus.
    Raina Robeva and Robin Davies, Sweet Brian College; Terrell Hodge and Alexander Enyedi, Western Michigan University 

The Math S-STEM Program for Attracting and Retaining Scholars in the Mathematical Sciences.
    Alexander Kurepa, North Carolina A. & T.  State University 

The Link Between Smale's Mean Value Conjecture and Convergence. Preliminary Report.
    Hayley M. Miles-Leighton, University of California, San Diego 

Realization Relationships Between Communication Models.  Preliminary Report.
    Leilani Hendrina Gilpin, University of California, San Diego

National Science Foundation Poster Session - 2011
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