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Cye H. Waldman
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A New Twist on Möbius


In MATLAB . . . . . . .


Möbius Animation

Copyright Notice:  The animation and all images within are under copyright by Cye H. Waldman and may not be copied, electronically or otherise, without his express permission.

Cye H. Waldman,



You are looking at an optical illusion.  The cross-section is an astroid.  The animation is a tromp l'oeil in that the object is rotating about the vertical axis.  However, there is a stroboscopic effect due to the fact that the rotation rate matches the radial ribs, which then appear to stand still.  The net effect is that the object seems to rotate about the circular ring, much like a ring vortex.

Three-dimensional Möbius forms, or "Mobioids" are created from toroids by a radial cut, one or more twists, and reattachment.   This is remarkably similar to a Penrose triangle.

Interestingly, for a toroid with five surfaces, any number of twists where n is not disivible by 5 will produce a single surface.  In addition, the generating toroid need not be circular.
Look for a cross-section:
Two surfaces and two cusps


Look for a cross-section:
An Astroid with  four cusps

multiple surfaces

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Printed References      August Ferdinand Möbius
August Ferdinand Möbius  1790 - 1868
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