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A Quartet of 2006 JAVA Applets Being Tested
  Areas between Curves
  An Interactive On-Screen Function Grapher
  Radioactive Decay
  Baravelle Spirals - Infinite Geometric Series


Vector Calculus Bridge Project using a JAVA Applet
  Interactive Vector Field Program


Pursuit Curves using a JAVA Applet
  Interactive Pursuit Curve Program


Trigonometry using a JAVA Applet
  Interactive Curve Program, Quiz, and Feedback


Goodstein's Theorem
  An Interactive Java Sequence Converging to Zero

Quadric Surfaces

    Using Java 3D to Investigate the Paraboloid

Trigonometry - The Unit Circle

    Interactive Four Quadrant Unit Circle: Quiz with Feedback

Möbius Strip

   Using Java 3D to Create a Famous Surface

   Using a Java Applet for Interative Sine and Cosine Functions

Fourier Series and the Gibbs Phenomeno

    Links to Interactive Physics Applications

We invite you to contribute a JAVA "deposit"
 in the National Curve Bank.

See    Submit a Curve.

Links helpful to JAVA programmers creating mathematical projects
    JavaView:  Interact 3D Geometry and Visualization
    JEP:  Java Math Expression Parser

Alan Turing
John von Neumann
Charles Babbage
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


Blaise Pascal
The Architecture Department of Manchester University and Macclesfield Borough Council dedicated a commemorative plaque on Hollymeade, the house in Wilmslow near Manchester where Alan Turing lived and died.