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Deposit # 72  and  #108

Harumi Monroy
Jonathan Sahagun

xMin =
xMax =
yMin =
yMax =

First Function f(x) =
Second Function f(x) =

Suggestions for Using the Grapher
Practice Equations
Vertical Asymptotes
Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes
Slant or Oblique Asymptotes
Equations: vertical asymptotes
Graphing notation
Equations: Vert. and Horiz. asymptotes
Graphing notation
Equations: Slant Asymptotes
Slant notation
Enter the equation of the slant asymptote in the second box.
Graphing notation

"Sometimes it's difficult, or even impossible, to find the points of intersection of two curves exactly....We can use a graphing calculator or computer to find approximate values for the intersection points and then proceed as before."
James Stewart, Calculus, 5th ed, Thomson: Brooks/Cole, 2003, p. 377.

All viewers will join the National Curve Bank - A MATH Archive in thanking Harumi Monroy of CS 491, for developing this interactive JAVA material.  Suggestions for a variety of curves to practice on  Function Grapher are above.

In addition, the NCB suggests trying examples from your homework in Harumi's interactive graph.  This is often helpful.   Rational functions with vertical, horizontal and slant asymptotes are especially fun.

Classroom Instructors Note:   If there is a CS Department on your campus, most likely a colleague is teaching JAVA programming.  JAVA software will already be enabled on your campus server.  If a particular classroom has a computer connected to the campus server, then this grapher and web site will be readily available to illustrate chalkboard instruction.

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