Calculus Index

A Video on Epsilon-Delta Limits
    A Streaming Video

The Harmonic Series
    A Streaming Video on the Harmonic Series

Graphing Calculator
    AP Calculus Graphing Calculator Practice: Multiple Choice and Explanations 
AB Level
BC Level

The Classic Brachistochrone
   Calculus of the Brachistochrone: Animations, Derivations and History;
   Figures from Bernoulli's original 1697 publication.  (in four parts)
I.  Animation
II.  Derivation and Historical Background
III.  Bernoulli's Table
IV.  Euler-Lagrange Derivation
V.  Model from Florence, Italy

Definite Integral
    Volume of a Solid of Revolution
    Volume and the Paraboloid
   Area of a Surface of Revolution
   Applications of the Definite Integral to Area and Volume:  Enrichment
   Finding the Limit of a Geometric Series: Streaming Video
    Graphic Multiple Choice Practice
   A Variety of Illustrations
A Quartet of Topics
    Mean Value Theorem, Newton's Method, Numerical Approximation of Integrals, Area as an Integral
Vector Calculus
    Coriolis Acceleration
Historical Significance
    Leibniz on the Derivative:  Acta Eruditorum (1684)
    Calculus of the Folium of Descartes
    Calculus of the Lemniscate of Bernoulli
Research on Teaching Calculus
    Multiple Choice Illustration of Students' Reasoning; Derivative Practice

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