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Deposit #88

Al Lehnen
Madison Area Technical College
Madison, WI

Brachistochrone model
The Spighi Model
Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, in Florence, Italy

i.e., (Johann, John, or Jean)

Joh. Bernoulli

and his illustrations of the

and the "Brachysochrona". . .


from the famous article published in
the 1697 "Acta Eruditorium."


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Brachistochrone ~ Cycloid
A Comparison of Times of Fastest Descent

This section . . . .

Brachistochrone-cycloid animation

The Brachistochrone-Cycloid Revisited:  A Timely Consideration

Brachistochrone Equations

( Please open the "pdf" file for the continuing text and graphs.)

Figure 7
Graph of descent times

For Lehnan's description of Deposit # 88 . . .
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Lehnan presented his work
at MathFest 2008.

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The National Curve Bank thanks Al Lehnen for Deposit #88.  < >
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  The NCB also thanks the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza of  Florence, Italy and the Huntington Library of San Marino, California for permission to use the illustrations.
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