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The Father of  Imaginary Numbers
IHMT 10th Anniversary Momento
A Power Point Presentation
History of Mathematics

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by Kevin Scott Wood, '06

Power Point on Bombelli
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Bombelli Slide Show

J.  J. O'Connor and E. F. Robertson, Rafael Bombelli.
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Curtin, Sandifer, Stoudt, Rafael Bombelli's  L'Algebra.
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In the Summer of 1996 groups of participants in the NSF sponsored Institute for the History of Mathematics and Its Use in Teaching  (IHMT) were asked to write reports based on original sources from the Artemas Martin Collection in the library of American University, Washington, D.C.  Dan Curtin, Ed Sandifer and Gary Stoudt investigated Bombelli's L’Algebra.

At the start of the workshops, most of us confessed to knowing little of this Italian's contributions.  At the end of the three-week sessions Curtin, Sandifer and Stoudt convinced some 40-50 mathematicians to have Bombelli as the hero of our rallying cry to include more History of Mathematics in our courses.  We voted to adopt Bombelli for promotion to a much higher profile.  After all, we as mathematicians routinely teach imaginary and complex numbers.  We should not forget their father.
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