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On October 31, 1992, Galileo was officially
found "not guilty" of anti-scriptural heresy!
Born:  Febraury 15, 1564
in Pisa, now Italy

Died:  January 8, 1642
in Arcetri (near Florence, Italy).

In 1633, at age 69, Galileo was forced by the Roman Inquisition to repent for having asserted the Sun, and not the Earth, was the center of our solar system.  The controversy following his publication of Dialogo Sopra Due Massimi Sistemi del Mondo in 1632 is one of the most famous in all science and mathematics.  He spent the last eight years of his life under house arrest.

After more than 359 years, the Roman Catholic Church under Pope John Paul II forgave Galileo and moved to set the record straight.