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Happy Fathers Day!
Thales of Miletus

We celebrate Fathers Day in June.  We do not know the exact date of Thales' birth, but we are certain that historians name him as the Father of Geometry, Father of Deductive Geometry, Father of Greek Mathematics or even Father of Mathematics.  Thus, we honor Thales in June.

  ca. 624 BC in Asia Minor (now Turkey)
Died:  ca. 547 BC in Asia Minor (now Turkey)

Thales on a Greek stamp issued in 1994,

"Know thyself."  When asked what was the strangest thing he had ever seen, Thales answered "An aged tyrant." 
Thales, Sixth century BC
Artistotle, Plutarch, Proclus and a large number of other major figures have written  legends and/or possibly myths associated with Thales.  These stories enrich any history or math class.