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Hans Albrecht Bethe
July 2, 1906 in Strasbourg, then Germany
Died: March 6, 2005 in Ithaca, New York

Bethe was inextricably associated with physics at Cornell University.  His 1936 articles on the theory of nuclear forces became known as "Bethe's Bible."  They served as a primary text for decades.  At Los Alamos in the crucial years of the 1940s, his solid, plow-through-the-problem style earned him the nickname of the "Battleship."  By contrast, his office-mate Richard Feynman was known as the "Mosquito Boat." Feynman supposedly flitted about a problem, attacking it from all sides. 

Bethe won the Nobel Prize in 1967.     For those lucky enough to meet him in later years, he will be remembered as a warm and caring gentleman who made countless contributions to his much loved science.

Cornell Univesity Photography
Los Angeles Times, March 8, 2005, p. 1.

"Whether or not their governments respond to their advice, scientists have an obligation to speak out publicly when they feel there are dangers ahead. "
  Hans Bethe, 1967