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Today is Giuseppe Peano's Birthday!
Happy Birthday

Born:  August 27, 1858
in Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy

Died:  August 20, 1932
in Turin, Italy

Peano's axioms are the basis for a version of number theory known as Peano's arithmetic.

*  1 is a natural number.

*  For every natural number x there exists another 
     natural number x' called the successor of x. 

*  1 # x' for every natural number x
     (x' being the successor of x). 

*  If x' = y' then x = y.

*  If Q is a property such that: 
           1.1 has the property Q. 
           2. If x has property Q then x' has property Q 
               then the property Q holds for all natural numbers.