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Today is Leonhard Euler's Birthday!
 Happy Birthday

Born:  April 15, 1707
in Basel, Switzerland

Died:  September 18, 1783
in St. Petersburg, Russia

"Read Euler, he is our master in all"  Laplace

Our most versatile mathematician, Euler published works in the following fields:
Differential Calculus Mechanics
Integral Calculus Motions of Heavenly Bodies
Theory of Curves Calculus of Variations
Theory of Numbers Elementary Mathematics
Infinite Series Hydrodynamics
Nature and Properties of Fire Magnetism
The Tides Theory of Annuities
Theory of Artillery Theory of Light and Color
Theory of Northern Lights Origin of Force
Propagation of Sound Lotteries
Navigation Telescope Design
Theory of Ship Building Canal Design
Motion of the Moon Theory of Harmony and Music