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English 100

Main ImageWhat is English 100?

English 100 is a one-unit course that functions as a weekly group tutoring appointment with a University Writing Center tutor/facilitator. The materials and discussion topics are designed to help students do well in their English 101 classes. English 100 facilitators will not assign any additional writing, but they will help students do the best they can on their English 101 assignments.

English 100 meets one day a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. In the class, a facilitator will work with students on prewriting, organizing, documenting, and proofreading their English 101 assignments.

Students who placed in English 100/101 must take English 100 concurrently with English 101. It is graded CR/NC.

Who is eligible for English 100?

Students with EPT scores from 146 to 150 MUST enroll in English 100 concurrently with English 101. Students whose scores place them directly into English 101 (scores of 151 and above) and who feel that they would benefit from a little extra help may also enroll in English 100.

What are the advantages of English 100?

In the past, students with EPT scores from 146-150 would have had to take English 096 in one quarter and then take English 101 in the next. Taking the English 100/101 combination not only allows students to go directly into the freshman-level course, but it also provides the support and assistance they need to be successful.

How do students sign up for English 100?

Eligible students should go to the English Department to enroll before the quarter begins. After the quarter has begun, students should go to the University Writing Center to sign up.

Students who are required to take English 100 (that is, those with EPT scores between 146 and 150) cannot take English 101 without enrolling in English 100. Students still have the option to take English 096 and then take English 101 when they have passed English 096. However, if students take English 096 and receive a grade of NC, they must retake and pass that class; they cannot then take English 100 and 101.

English 100 sections are offered throughout the day on most days of the week. Attendance and participation are mandatory and will be monitored and recorded by the Writing Center.

For more information, call the English Department at 323-343-4140, or the University Writing Center at 323-343-5350.

The University Writing Center is located in the JFK Library, 1039A Palmer Wing (on the ground floor of Library South).