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Welcome to the University Writing Center's homepage at CSULA. Our mission is to help each student who comes to us become a better writer and to help the CSULA faculty assign, grade, and respond to student writing effectively.


Writing Center Services

The Writing Center offers a variety of services to the entire CSULA student body. You can come in with any type of writing assignment at any stage of the process. We can help you understand the assignment, organize, and revise your paper. We can even help you learn to proofread for your most common mistakes. While you can drop in for tutoring, the best way to get one-on-one feedback is to make an appointment. The process is on our Tutoring Services page. In addition to one-to-one tutoring for students, we also offer support for the WPE, English 100, and Summer Bridge.

The Writing Center provides tutoring and other assistance for all CSULA courses, from pre- baccalaureate composition courses to graduate seminars. In general, these services are not remedial, but are instead a powerful alternative or supplement to traditional modes of classroom instruction. We are strongly focused on the long-term development of individual writers rather than quick fixes for the paper at hand.

P.A.I.R. - Peer-Aided Information Research Program

Do you need research assistance? If you need assistance in conducting research for a paper, you may come to the Writing Center and talk to a library research assistant. The assistant can also help you with formatting, such as APA, MLA and Chicago styles. The spring hours begin week three and are Monday - Thursday 12:00 - 6:00 p.m. The PAIR assistant is located at the table near the back of the Writing Center. No appointment is necessary — just walk over to the person at the table with the PAIR sign on it. The last day of PAIR for the quarter is June 6 (the service is closed finals week). Note: P.A.I.R. will not be available during the summer quarter.

Writing Across the Curriculum

We offer assistance to faculty in understanding student writing problems, integrating writing into their courses, making effective assignments, and in responding effectively to student writing.

Writing Proficiency Exam

We provide student support services for the Writing Proficiency Exam including workshops for first-time takers, consultation for those who do not pass, and accurate information for all students, including advice and status information concerning the English requirement. We strive to administer University 401 and WPE consulting in a way that motivates students to improve their writing and meet the WPE requirement in a timely manner.

For more information about the WPE, such as registering for the exam, please visit the Testing Center website, or you may call them at (323) 343-3160



Lise Buranen (Faculty Director)

Leticia Urtecho (Office Manager)